Buffalo Dog Park

0 Downtown Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14203

User Reviews (9)

  • 1. Descent

    by: sportjock523

    It is not the nicest of dog parks, but it is better than nothing at all. The park is not the biggest, but either way it is great for a walk in the spring or summer for your dog. It is easy for a dog to run off its energy no matter how big the park is. I recommend giving it a tryout.





  • 2. A decent option for outdoor dog play

    by: petvet5

    I have taken my dog to the Lasalle BarkYard multiple times. Most times have been uneventful and a lot of fun for my pup. He comes home a calmer, better-behaved dog. Their website: http://www.barkyardbuffalo.com/barkyard.html I have always considered that taking your dog to the dog park is like sending your child to school. Pups will be exposed to germs and there will be some fights. Except, there is no teacher - it's up to you. As long as you are there supervising, you can intervene if problems arise. Keep your dog vaccinated and on flea and heartworm preventative. If your pet is intact, you may want to think twice before an accidental mating. Before entering the BarkYard, I take a brief walk with my pup up and down the side of the fence. I watch the dogs and see if any appear aggressive. If so, we take a walk along the river instead. If not, we enter and I watch closely. If there is a fight or other problem, we are always ready to leave. We've only had to do so twice. There are some things that could be improved. An "airlock" double gate system would be very helpful. I have never seen a police officer there to check on dog tags or license information - more supervision would be good. The neighborhood is not the safest. All that aside, we are so happy to finally have a dog park in the Buffalo area. One that is truly enclosed. We can't wait until there are more! Another reason we hope this park continues to be a success!


    spacious, most park-goers are responsible


    single gate entry, some aggressive dogs, unsafe neighborhood

  • 3. dog parks need restrictions on who can bring their pet

    by: czekel

    I have always had an uneasy feeling about dog parks. In theory, they are great...you can allow your dog to socialize and get off of the leash for a while. But they can also spread disease. Many diseases, such as kennel cough, are spread when dogs touch noses...their should be some laws requiring up to date vaccination against Kennel cough, parvo, distemper, rabies, and other diseases. Also, just because your dog is nice and social, doesn't mean that someone else's dog is too. I have heard of several severe injuries that have occurred in dog parks because someone brought their "nice" family dog the park and it attacked someone elses pet.


    great place to take your pet


    disease can spread like wildfire

  • 4. looked ok

    by: san76dy

    to out of the way for me it looked ok but was very muddy wrong time of year i guess.


    looked ok


    to muddy for us to go in

  • 5. Not too bad

    by: CharliesMama

    The park is awfully muddy but probably just because it's spring time. They need a double gate so it's easier to come into and out of. Wish there were more places to take dogs off-lease in WNY.


    Off leash



  • 6. Wonderful Place!

    by: LDReagan7

    Love the dog park, its very entertaining for the dogs and humans!


    Great people and dogs, and everyone monitors their dog's behavior


    I hope they can add more area

  • 7. Need an address

    by: malfada

    can someone fly me an email as to a locate to the dog park!\n\nThank You.


    Haven't used


    Need an address

  • 8. doggie park

    by: susie88

    great place to spend an hour or so with your dog . he gets to play with other dogs and run loose. Everyone needs to watch their dogs and always pick up after them.


    dogs just love it!


    people don't always pick up after their pets!

  • 9. the only one in WNY?

    by: houndpound

    is this the only dog park in WNY? it's too far to make special trips to visit. it is nice though to have at least one within 100miles.


    good exercise, social opportunities


    too far from home