Buffalo animal shelter

Po box 755
Buffalo , MO 65622

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. great place

    by: german2sn

    You're a great help to the animals to whom you provide services. You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!


    great place


    needs help

  • 2. Caring people!

    by: 5ineveryroom

    I adopted a kitten from this shelter at a Petsmart adoption event. The volunteers and workers are kind, caring animal lovers.


    friendly, kind, pet lovers, all animals are spayed/neutered and have all shots



  • 3. Buffalo Animal Shelter Deserves Makeover

    by: horned1

    Buffalo Animal Shelter has dedicated a lot of hard work and hours in making sure these helpless and homeless animals are safe and well taken care of. There hearts are filled with so much love and compassion for their animals. They spend every Saturday infront of Petsmart trying to place animals into good well provided homes and families. They take pride in their shelter and keep in well maintained and clean. They deserve a makeover because they have worked so hard trying to raise money through bake sales, donations, car washes, whatever it takes to take care of these precious animals. There is no animal they turn away. They take each one in and give it the best love and care it deserves. The people that own the shelter have worked so hard in trying to expand the shelter to accomodate all the animals they take in. They deserve to have a new bigger shelter to accomodate the animals. If you find a stray, they will pay for the food and costs in taking care of the animal until it is adopted. They will also pay to have it spayed or neutured. Buffalo Shelter has been around for a long time and there has never been a shelter that deserves this more than them. I would love to see more shelters take time to love and care for helpless animals they way they do.\r\n


    No Kill Shelter


    Need more room for the animals