Buellton veterinary clinic

914 w highway 246
Buellton, CA 93427

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  • 1. switching vets

    by: faegrace

    About a year ago my dog, Drew, suddenly appeared like the canine hunchback of Notre Dame, unable to walk well with a severe hump in his back and rear paws 'knuckling.' Frantic, we called our then vet of ten years and were told to bring him down immediately. We reluctantly left Drew there. Imagine when we didn't hear back after a few hours. Imagine when we called adn were consistenly put off without explanation. This went on for over nine hours (during which I was going beserk but felt impotent to do anything but wait, sure our beloved vet would return the call and have some answers). Long story short, at the end of the day, I picked my pup up and received a diagnosis with a prognosis: something similar to spinal stenosis and no true recovery, just a lifetime of corticosteroid use. After I dried my tears, I decided this whole thing was unacceptable. I phoned Buellton Vet Clinic, made a consultation appointment for my dog (armed with not only bloodwork, x-rays, the other vet's dire words and my own internet research). I had heard that BVC offered alternative medicine in addition to traditional veterinary medicine, including acupuncture and homeopathy. My first meeting with Dr. Tina Taylor, turned my dog's life around. A change in his diet, additional nutritional supplements (not drugs!), and a short course of acupuncture treatments, made all the difference in the world! She monitored him carefully and I always received follow up calls to check in on my baby. (This care and consideration has proven true after the most routine procedures for all of my other animals as well.) Drew's health has drastically improved. The spinal swelling is negligable and his mobility is back 100%. It is never supposed to be an easy thing to switch veterinarians. They see us through sickness, death, and recovery too, of our precious animal companions. But this change was easy. Buellton Veterinary Clinic made it so. We have six pets and all of their files were transferred following Drew's initial visit to BVC. My mom switched her animals too, on my cue. Since then, we've gone to BVC for everything from grooming (excellent grooming staff too!) to vaccines to assistance putting our 17 year old cat to rest. With rare exception, we have always been treated well (one of the receptionists could use some sensitivity training). We've been thoroughly happy with the medical care received.


    alternative medicine available; knowledgable staff; clean facility


    specific vets and receptionists could use some sensitivity training; desired appointment times may not be readily available; recently closed Sunday clinic hours (nearest weekend care is not local)