Budd lake animal clinic

141 us highway 46
Budd lake, NJ 07828
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Type of service you do not get at a large practice

    by: teedlecoop

    Just a few miles away and they have always had the care of our pets as the top priority....always calling to check up, thorough exams, reasonable, great surgeon!! Dr Sarah Logan is great, but she is a conventional vet. Although she does not like to pile on medication unnecessarily and she believes pet patients can get better more quickly if they are at home. I really like her and respect her. PS> It's now called Mt Olive Veterinary Hosp !!


    close by, wonderful vet(s)



  • 2. Like a family....

    by: sunnygirlsjc

    I've been going to the Mt Olive Veterinary Hospital for 5 years (it's not called Budd Lake Clinic anymore), in fact I worked there for about a year. It is a small friendly office where I have always received great care. I completely respect and admire Dr. Sarah Logan, who owns the practice. She spends lots of time with each and every client. She and her staff do not whisk the animals away to treat them behind closed doors - instead everything is explained clearly to pet owners. Treatment and exams are done with owners present so they understand what is being done and I think that results in less stress on the animal. \n\nI trust Dr. Logan implicitly as a surgeon. She removed my cat's eye (it was going to rupture due to glaucoma) and my cat has lived on for years as a happy one-eyed cat! \n\nThe only drawback to this practice is it is limited to conventional medicine only. However. my experience is that Dr. Logan is open to her client's trying alternative therapies.


    Small, friendly office


    Conventional medicine only