Brown Trail Animal Hospital

2716 Brown Trail
Bedford, TX 76021

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. One to avoid

    by: pj0908

    I knew at the beginning of the yearTimothy would not be with me much longer. In October he just stopped eating This place was recommended to me because it was across the street from my former office. I told them I did not want them putting him through a bunch of tests. I knew he was old and I would do anything to help him but I did not want him subjected to a bunch of hooey. I went to visit him and was told it was not good for the animals. That is when I should have jerked him out of there but I was new to the area and did not know where to go and he needed help. \r\nI was told one test would be 200.00 and I reluctantly agreed and then was told "Oops, I was wrong. You now owe 500.00". I would not have okayed that as I was pretty much done with these people by this time.\r\nThey robbed me out of one of his final weeks. When the vet called and he started talking about taking him to Baylor and daily bone marrow injections I told him he was not listening to me and I would pick him up that afternoon.\r\nThey also gave me canned food but never bothered to tell me it was a maintenance food. On my last trip to get food the office manager asked me if I was informed of that. I told her I had figured that out.\r\nFrom my experience these people are in it for the money.


    Convenient to my then job


    Too numerous to list

  • 2. Nice Vets and staff

    by: FernandoAguilar

    Capable Vets and friendly staff.


    Good care and service