Brookline Animal Hospital

678 Brookline Avenue
Brookline, MA 2445

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Fabulous Vet

    by: pamfrad

    Dr. Groper is an amazing vet. The veterinary staff caters to your animal's needs, with your own concerns in mind. Brookline Animal Hospital will refer you to specialists, coordinate with them, and otherwise oversee the care of your pet even when its illness is out of their purview. I have never had a problem getting an appointment, and I have always been impressed with the vets on call if Dr. Groper hasn't been available. Unfortunately, the front desk staff can sometimes seem very put upon.


    Intelligent, Compassionate, Helpful Vets


    Front Desk Staff Can Seem Very Harried

  • 2. unhappy

    by: ztT4MP31449532

    I was very saddened to walk in to get my cat from weekend stay to see a Boom box blasting Rap music placed on top of my cats cage. The young teenager who could not speak english just pointed to where my cat was. i could not even think the music was so loud. Did my cat spend the weekend like that? My poor cat was trying to hide in the corner of her little cage and frightened. will not return.





  • 3. Helping to Improve the Quality of Your Pet's Life

    by: MissMar0108

    I have been granted the wonderful opportunity to observe how this clinic works both inside and out. I have been graced with assisting the clinic as a technician's assistant (or as others often call it, a veterinarian's assistant) and I have come to love the animal hospital. The DVMs there are knowledgeable and passionate about their work. They look first and foremost to help the animal in need and to suit the owner's needs as well. The amenities in the hospital possess a wide range and it is full of resources. Clients who go there quickly become attached to the DVM they see, as well as the animal clinic itself. Additionally, the Brookline Animal Hospital is located minutes away from Angell Memorial Hospital (associated with the MSPCA), which also provides a multitude of intensive care.


    Vet clinic also has boarding and grooming in same building, in-house pharmacy and wide expanse of food, more flexible hours than other clinics


    Price (as with many vet clinics), smaller clinic