Brookhaven animal shelter & adoption center

300 horseblock road
Brookhaven, NY 11719
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User Reviews (8)

  • 1. An employee's point of view

    by: lexi580

    I am a kennel attendent at the shelter. A little bit of behind the scenes... We give the animals actual names instead of refering to their cc #. We love to give them as much of attention as we can, take them on walks etc. We have tons of dogs and cats, even more then people see they are kept in the back do to illness exc. we treat them the best we can and even foster some of the ones that cant be left alone. The bad thing is we have a lot of pitbulls which ive found out are very hard to adopt. Its the owners who make the dog. Our pitbulls are loving and show no sign of agression. Please dont write them off because the are pitbulls, get to know them first. Of course i rate the shelter a 5. If you are interested in a dog or cat come to the shelter where we can tell you about them because we work and interact with them. thanx


    Puts the animals first


    Very crowded at times

  • 2. This is a "Low-kill" shelter. That's good!

    by: ColoradoKid123

    Have adopted a couple dogs here, and we've been very happy with the experiences. They will keep animals, unless very ill or vicious, as long as possible to ensure they have every chance at a happy life. Their staff is very helpful and answered our many questions. Potential adopters can visit with a possible pet in a quiet room to get to know them and make a more informed decision. This was key for us - we went back 4 times to determine which of two dogs were best for our family. The staff were as patient the 4th time as they were the 1st, and because of that, we have a wonderful Great Dane mix that's perfect for us! Give them a try - they have lots of pets to go around! Ann Z.


    Does not "put down" adoptable animals.


    Would love to see it receive $ for improvements!

  • 3. This Shelter

    by: PMFuturePetDoc57

    I have been here many times i adopted my dog from there 8 yrs ago and we still have him. the shelter is great but its so crowed and thats why i think they need a makeover so that its not as crowed and there will be more room and maybe not put down as many animals as they do just because they haven't been adopted.


    They are helpful


    They are crowed

  • 4. Great Staff

    by: UncleJohn

    Have been there many times over the years with lost animals and seeking my lost animal.\nHave also adopted a cat and helped brother adopt a dog.They are centrally located to our town.Because of the large size of our town if they could get more help and maybe a way to advertise their presence better.Also maybe a van to have adoption events a satellite locations, for those that can't travel.


    pleasant and informative people


    serves large area not advertised well

  • 5. Amazing

    by: katymay611

    We have gone here to get my dog and we thought that this place was excellent. It is very crowded with people though but this is good because that means a lot of people will look at potential pets. It is also crowded with dogs and other animals. I for one love my dog and will always think of how she might not have made it had it not been for us. The staff there are very helpful and know a lot about pets. They have good mats for the animals and they are pretty clean. I would recommend to all pet lovers who want to help poor pets in need.


    Great dogs and adoptees


    A little too crowded

  • 6. This shelter is much better since Charlie took over a few years ago

    by: TheDoglover

    This is the busiest, most populated shelter on the Island. They do there best to find homes for them. The staff is pretty nice and Charlie is doing alot better job than his predecessor. Been there - donated 750 lbs of food to them with my friend Joanie.


    Tries its best not to euthanize. Works well with Little Shelter


    So full of homeless animals because we have too many stupid people in the area that let there animals loose or abandon them

  • 7. It's where we get our dogs

    by: rabbit57i

    The cats in our family seem to come to us. However, the dogs we usually get from the shelter. It's very difficult to visit the shelter to see so many doggies but only be able to get one. We've gotten lots of loving doggies from here.


    Close to home


    So many animals

  • 8. Inundated with dogs and cats

    by: aussiejodi

    Brookhaven Animal Shelter is the largest town shelter on Long Island and is sad to see that they are always jammed with dogs and cats. This is not their fault - it is the fault of 'people'. So many faces staring out of the cages saying 'pick me pick me'. There are ways that residents of Brookhaven township can ease the burden on the shelter - spay/neuter your animals, don't let them run loose or leave them outside unattended, make sure they're wearing ID, and know that you're making a LIFETIME COMMITMENT to the animal.\r\n\r\nThe main reason a shelter like Brookhaven has to euthanize is space! If peoples animals keep ending up there they have nowhere to put them. So save a life - make sure your animal doesn't become a statistic or cause another animal to become a statistic!


    Work well with rescue groups


    Inundated with animals