Brook-falls Veterinary Hospital

14885 West Lisbon Road
Brookfield, WI 53005

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  • 1. A vet for your birds

    by: BryanOlson

    I knew after my first visit to Brook-Falls that our greenwing macaw, Carmen, had found his avian vet. They were recommended to me by C.A.R.E., a local bird rescue north of Milwaukee. Dr. Bloss, and staff were very comforting to Carmen who is nine years old, and in his 3rd home. He can be a bit of a crumudgeon. He can also bite like the dickens! He didn't phase them, they've seen it all before. They did everything necessary to make the stress as low as possible and to get the blood collecting done quickly for the exam. This was Carmen's first physical. I think I was as stressed as he was. They were wonderful. Like any good patient, he received a few treats before leaving. I received emailed reports of all the tests and a personal email from Dr. Bloss checking back to see about any questions. Their fees were very reasonable for the tests performed. Although they are a smaller equipment, they are very up to date with all computerized records, digital x-ray, etc. \r\n\r\nI highly recommend them not only for the way Carmen was treated, but also because they do the vet work for all of the birds at the C.A.R.E. rescue. Good work Doc!


    Professional, caring staff that KNOW birds


    What cons?