Brohard Beach & Paw Park

1600 Harbor Drive South
Venice, FL 34285

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. SO much fun

    by: mercedes1suarez

    We went for the first time last week what fun it was! There were so many things to smell and see. I must say that I was surprised at how many people were there it is a family beach that is for shore. The pier is with in walking distance so you can use the bathrooms or get something cold to drink but just remember not dogs there.


    You can let your dog off the leash


    When it is nice it is "packed"

  • 2. My dogs had a blast

    by: krisrep

    My dog loves the water so I knew she would have a great time here; my other dog who doesn't like the water so much also had a good time. The beach is large with plenty of space so everyone has room without being overcrowded. There is a fenced in area before you get to the path to the beach so you can also play with your dog there; this includes a separate fenced in area for small dogs. This fenced in area has picnic tables, drinking fountains for people and dogs, and a shower where you can clean off your dog. There are bags provided to clean up after your dog if you forget to bring some and the beach seemed to be clean. I did notice a couple of people who did not clean up after their dogs and there were a couple people who did not control their dogs, but I have not seen a dog beach or dog park where this was not the case. Overall, I highly recommend this dog beach.


    large, clean beach; fun for dogs and people


    not everyone has control of their dogs

  • 3. Great place to take your doggie swimming!

    by: DoggieDen

    Like the other park nearby, you have to watch out for those who bring their aggressive pets. But, I have never had a problem because it seems that they put them on a leash here when they tend to be on the aggressive side.\n\nIt is kept clean and when you first park there is a fenced in area with watering bowls and a place to hose them off after they play on the beach. There is even a small dog area too.\n\nIf your pet is not good off a leash then you will definitely want to bring a leash for not only the parking lot but the beach area as well. Mine do great once we get on the beach they swim in the water and really enjoy the exercise. I would much rather take them to the doggie beach then anywhere else in my area. We all enjoy it and they aren't the only ones who can take a swim while we are there. \n\nI noticed that as great as it is to take your pet here, we haven't had trouble with the beach being too crowded. Even when the parking are is full, the beach is so large spread that you aren't on top of everyone while you are there.


    Great place to play with your pet and take them swimming


    Once on the beach there is not fence and you have to watch for aggressive pets