Broemmelsiek Dog Park

Schwede Road
St Charles, MO 63367

User Reviews (9)

  • 1. Great park that is perfect for medium to larger dogs

    by: RescueMe74

    We've always wanted to take our dogs to a dog park. We found this location on the web to check it out mid August. To our delight there was a good size pond. And us without towels! Both our dogs loved running around with the rest of the dogs and owners were friendly. The dogs swimming was a blast and both have found they love being out in the pond. Some people had small dogs there and didn't stay to long; I would not recommend bringing your small dog here. The area is pretty clean with owners picking up after their dogs. The covered pavilion with seating is nice. The park ranger also stops by to ensure all is well and everyone is abiding by the rules; no kids under 8 years old. Pond IS muddy, however a good bath when the dogs get home is all they need. Also, be prepared to share toys! It's a free for all, especially with tennis balls. They will close the area if the ground is wet, but have a number posted so you can call to check before you make the drive. It is a bit off the path but not overly crowded so it's worth the drive. We've been back several times since and will continue until it's closed for the season.


    Pond, large fenced area, covered pavilion, two entry/exit points, doggie pick up stations for easy clean up


    not for small dogs

  • 2. Broemmelsiek Dog Park in Wentzville, MO

    by: marfeez

    We went to this park for the first time today. In fact, it's the first time I've ever been to a dog park. I've been wanting to go for years. I walked into the park with our dogs and I'd felt like I'd died and gone to doggie heaven. I'm sure my dogs did also (ha ha). This was the coolest park I've ever been to. Stayed for over 2 hours, and the time flew by. I met all sorts of nice people, and my dogs met all sorts of wonderful dogs. It was very clean, and just so much fun. If you go, make sure and bring some tennis balls for fetch and maybe even gather some sticks to bring with you to throw in the water if your dog likes playing fetch. I would love to go back tomorrow. That's how much fun we had.


    Dogs have a blast. They romp and play in the water and interact with all sorts of dogs and humans. Very clean park and wonderful people and doggies.


    Don't know of any cons.

  • 3. Not for small dogs

    by: preciouspriceless

    I have Chihuahuas so this is not the park for us. Not only because they are no match for the larger dogs who viewed them as play toys, but the park itself just wasn't created for dogs of their size. They can fit underneath the fence (found that out pretty quick) and they can also breeze right through the gap in the entrance gate. But it looked like the larger dogs were having a very good time. Just don't bring your teeny ones there.


    Very nice set-up within a beautiful large park


    This park is only for medium to large dogs

  • 4. Very few dogs, clean park

    by: bludog

    I love this park, by far my favorite. I am not a dog park person and will nto enter if there are other dogs there but this park is empty quite often. The pond is very muddy but the dogs love it. I really love the park outside of the dog park. There are tons of trails and playgrounds for the dogs to play on. LOVE this park.


    Few dogs, lots of trails



  • 5. Large Dog Park With a Pond!

    by: xoxojessika

    I went here for the first time last Sunday (Father's Day) and must say I was very impressed overall. I had been going to Quail Ridge and while I was generally happy there (my dogs certainly loved it!) I was hoping to find a place with a pond since my dog LOVES to swim but any lake in my area is "off-limits" to dogs because humans swim in it, too. So I was very excited to learn about the pond here, and it was the same distance for me to travel as Quail Ridge! I will state my likes/dislikes but mind you the only park I have to compare it to is Quail Ridge so forgive me if it seems biased.\n\nSome pros: a very LARGE fenced in area that includes a pond. When I went there were very few people and dogs (which is both a pro and a con for me) so it didn't feel overcrowded and the owners could pay closer attention to their own dogs instead of getting caught up in socializing. The park was relatively clean; I didn't have to dodge piles of dog feces that irresponsible owners neglected to pick up, so that made me very happy. A very large covered gazebo with benches also was pleasing to me.\n\nSome cons: The pond is VERY filthy, my dog was covered with mud and grime from the water. I had to give her a bath when we came home. There is also spots around the outside of the pond with standing water that would be a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes so that was a concern as well with heartworms. It is low-traffic again so there weren't as many dogs for my dogs to interact with, but it was definitely not too crowded!\n\nOverall, I will be returning here again.\n\nThey are also having a Paws in the Park on September 13 starting at 11am for anyone interested in attending!


    decent sized pond, large fenced in area, covered gazebo, benches, trees, low-traffic


    pond is filthy, low-traffic, some standing water (mosquito heaven - which translates to possible heartworm transmission).

  • 6. Fun Time!

    by: chadcarroll

    This place was very nice and clean. It was really cool that it had a Lake so that the Dogs can play in. The only downside that I had is that it is a tad bit off of the highway and kinda confusing to get to. Other than that it was a great day at this park.


    Clean and it even has a Lake To Play In


    Tad Far

  • 7. Fun Fun Fun

    by: julzz1313

    Great park! My dog loves it and the dogs he meets out there. Its kind of a far drive but if you live in St. Charles its more than worth it!


    Nice size, friendly people



  • 8. Natural landscape

    by: malignstar

    This is my dog's favorite park to go to because of the pond. On a hot summer day he loves retrieving his floaty platypus in the cool (but yucky) water. It's also not very busy there and there's lots of room for him to run around and get exercise running those hills!


    Varied terrain- hills, pond, shade trees


    ticks, not open when ground is wet

  • 9. Fabulous dog park

    by: barkcentral

    Absolutely wonderful state-of-the-art dog park! Brand new facility with several acres of off-leash fenced environment including a man-made pond, gazebo and both large and small dog areas. I would highly recommend this facility. Although it's a bit out of the way ( highway DD and Schwede) it's worth the trip!


    fantastic new dog park


    short distance out of the way