Bridlewood veterinary services

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Dandridge, TN 37725

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  • 1. THE best veterinarians in this area - bar NONE!

    by: clippityclop

    After using a different veterinarian for several months for a problem with our pregnant mare, we finally decided after nearly a thousand dollars later with no noticeable improvement, to seek another opinion. That is how we first came to know the folks at Bridlewood. This dynamic duo features Jon Koella Jr. D.V.M. and J. Wesley Johnson D.V.M. They are the most competent and personable people you could meet. Within 5 minutes of Jon's visit, we got an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan that had our mare on the road to recovery and relief! We had spent so much time on the wrong track it was a huge relief to know the mare was not going to have to be put down. Since that visit we will not use any other Veterinarian. We've had a few emergencies in addition to regular maintenance issues and either Jon or Wess is always available. Both are highly skilled, current on research and trends, treatments and medications, methods and procedures and they both care deeply for the animals, which in itself is worth its weight in gold. Their receptionist, Becky is also highly competent and always ready to help. Truly everyone at this practice goes above and beyond the call of what is required. We simply can not say enough good things about these people and feel blessed that they are now a part of our lives. If you need a veterinarian that specializes in horses, you would do yourself a favor by calling these guys first!


    Very Professional, courteous, knowledgable and current. Available 24/7