Brickyard Kennel

1221 East 3300 South
Salt Lake City, UT

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Please don't go there

    by: bumpdraft

    Dear Lord in heaven. If there was a kennel that needed to be shut down a burned to the ground it would be Brickyard Kennels. Having talked to former employees and finding out that you pay for play time that you do not get. The owner pockets that money and goes down the road to Uncle Bobs and drinks it away. They stack crates on crates. So when your pet goes to the bathroom it goes on top another pets head. They sedated those poor helpless animals I just know it. The owner says nice things to you, and then starves your pet. It’s the dirtiest place on earth the dirt road leading up to their place is cleaner than inside. The smell is beyond words. The only time they clean is when they know they are going to get inspected. So many people in Mars and surrounding areas have had just so many terrible things to say. HOW on earth are they still in business? I made the misfortune in taking my pet there not knowing that this most likely was happening to my baby. I only found out when I was asked one day by my friend, who used to work there, where I take my pet. That’s when my eyes opened up and I learned just how horrible they truly are... If there is any justice in this world that place should be shut down and turned into a parking lot.


    NONE:Just don't Go There


    Everything was BAD

  • 2. not a good choice

    by: jbeaglelover

    I used brickyard kennel for a short 3 day trip I was making out of town, it took about 0 minutes for someone to come to the counter to help us. the facility was dirty, they have no outside time although was told that they would get playtime. I was so worried about my dog that we cut the trip short and came home a day early. he was dirty and his coat was crusty.