Brazos animal shelter

2207 finfeather road
Bryan, TX 77801
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. I love this animal shelter

    by: cajunasian86

    Me and my girlfriend fostered 4 dogs from this shelter while we were attending Texas A&M and we adopted our first dog from Brazos and he has been great. They were always very helpful. They are able to spay/neuter and microchip all the dogs before they leave the shelter, which is great. Please when you are looking for a dog get one from a shelter. It is much more affordable and you are saving a life. My only criticism of the the Brazos Animal Shelter is that they are forced to euthanize all pit bulls that are brought into the shelter. This is not there fault, and hopefully one day the dog fighting culture in the area can be removed so these pits can find homes like the other dogs in the shelter.


    Always have lots of great dogs


    Have to euthanize all pit bulls :-(

  • 2. could improve

    by: ned628

    I used to volunteer here in college, I must admit their volunteer program is rather unorganized. I also HATED going here in the summer because there was no ventilation in the kennels. The heat was sweltering and I know the dogs had to be miserable! They need total upgrade!


    Take care of the animals well


    Needs better ventilation

  • 3. okay place

    by: tallen13

    This shelter wasn't too bad, but I've seen better. I realize they probably don't have much money as most shelters don't, but I have seen better run shelters and ones where the dogs seemed happier.


    friendly staff


    I've seen better

  • 4. variety of dogs

    by: flashallen13

    It's been a few years since I was here, but I felt bad for the dogs as they only had indoor kennels, but those were good size kennels. I saw staff cleaning out the kennels by simply hosing them down while the dog was still in there! The staff didn't help much either when I asked about the dogs. There was quite a variety of dogs though-puppies to older, and lots of different looking ones.


    variety of dog breeds, young & old


    felt bad for dogs, staff didnt help much