Braxton county animal shelter

10 animal shelter lane
Sutton, WV 26601

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  • 1. Adoption of beagle and mixed breed.

    by: Scoops

    Please adopt from here or any other shelter! Shelters are full of animals awaiting homes. I have had very good luck adopting from here and also Nicholas County Animal Shelter. It is true that shelters commonly house dogs with kennel cough. I am sorry that somebody got their heart hurt. Most dogs have never had the first immunization before being dropped at a shelter. Please do not penalize these dogs because their former owners did not think they were important enough to see a vet. Many animals are stressed and have a weak immune system due to neglect. Please realize that your first stop after adopting should be the vets office. That way, any issues can be taken care of immediately. My best friends have always came from shelters and always will!


    Great dogs!


    Be prepared to follow up adoption with a vet visit.


    by: MissMakayla

    I would not adopt from them again! My boyfriend and I adopted a 9 week old lab/mix puppy, and a week after having her she passed away. She had kennel cough which the shelter did not treat (but knew about), she was NOT dewormed by the shelter, and she had parvo. Obviously the animals are not cared for properly. If the animals were truly cared for at this shelter, they should have treated the puppies for kennel cough and dewormed them, also they should have tested them for parvo, so someone wouldn't take them home and get attached to them and have them pass away a week after having them. I realize it might be pricey to do all of the above, but it is wrong to know an animal is ill and send them home with someone. We now have a $400+ vet bill, and are absolutely heart-broken.


    Lots of puppies for a low price


    Animals are not properly cared for