Braeburn addition off leash dog area

3350 idlehurst lane
Rapid city, SD 57702

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. LOVE IT

    by: mischalynn

    I absolutely love this park. My dogs love walking through the creek, and being able to run. Most of the people and the dogs there are wonderful. I love meeting all the different dogs. The only thing I hate is when an owner doesn't realize they should not turn their dog loose there, because it is mean to other dogs. I once saw two dogs running after, trying to attacka a dog. And the owner of the dominant dogs was slowly walking to catch them. They came after my dog, and I grabbed him up. I told the guy he better get over there, because mine WILL fight back. I wish people could use better discretion. Oh well, not everything is perfect.


    The creek, all the room, and the old hocky ring for my big jerky dog


    mean dogs

  • 2. The best dog park in town

    by: buddahnagi

    Love taking my dogs here. Love to meet all the other dogs and watch them interact.There's not a better place to meet other animal lovers.


    my dogs can run


    none really

  • 3. Let 'um run

    by: iceblackrose

    I really like a place where my dog can run and use up his bountiful energy. It is nice to have a soft grassy area that is safe from him getting out and away.


    Open area where my dog can run and play


    some of the owners dont watch their pets well so safety is a problem

  • 4. Dog park

    by: LoveMyRiley

    I love to be able to take my dogs and let them run and play with other dogs at a place like this. Everything about this dog park is great, except the lack of any type of containment. The old ice skating rink would be great in theory, but in places it is only about 3 feet high, and my Husky has scaled over the higher walls also. For a dog that loves to run and play, but has a strong instinct to run even more, a fence would be nice. I know a fence was installed along the main road, but it doesn't keep the dogs from running into the parking lot and taking off around the fence out into the road. I know a woman who's 2 dogs both got hit by a car and killed out on that road while they were chasing a bird. Since that incident the fence was installed, but it's not enough protection for those dogs, like mine, that love to run! A fence would be great! Maybe we should start a petition! :)


    Great place for dogs to play with other dogs and get exercise


    No fences

  • 5. Love it!

    by: bl0ndeeo2

    My dogs love this park!!! Abby use to love going here, because of the water! We would play fetch for hours on end in the water with her. She can no longer go because of her aggression, but I still take Gunner & Maggie there...and they never want to leave!! Best off leash park in town I think! The one that is about 5 blocks from my house is a little to boring, and the grass/weeds are way to high (they are about as tall as I am!), so we take the 15-20 minute trip here! Wonderful park, the only one I ever tell anyone about!!





  • 6. Dog Park

    by: RHatcher

    My dogs love this dog park, When we get in the car they are just going for a ride , Then we get closer and they just know where we are going and are so excited .They deffinetly know this is there place and all there friends are going to be there as with new ones ...I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy this place .


    A great place for the dogs


    Some people dont pick up after them

  • 7. Old ice skating rink

    by: jennapreston

    I love taking my dogs here. It seems that even dogs that won't behave anywhere else, obey here. Its so much fun to see 10-30 dogs running and playing together. What a great place to meet other dog lovers.


    Very large with lots of trees and water to play in.


    Not fenced! Some rattlesnakes!