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Ulster, PA 18850
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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. The Rudeness

    by: SomeoneConcerned

    Well here is the thing I find from that place. When you go there the Ladies in the office are not very people friendly. If I was there I would welcome the people that walk in the door in hopes that they adopt a deserving pet out and be as helpful as I could within the limits. But no Not there. we sat there feeling we didn't belong, what a cold and unwanted feeling , it seemed like it was a bother to them that we were asking question, reasonable ones. If they are like that with the people who come in, I can only imagine their compassion for the animal. The dog is having difficulties and for 2 days I have called and there has been no answer, I hear this is quite typical, Hmmm! doesn't sit well with us at all.. I have witnessed the spraying of the kennels , too :(


    some nice pets come from there



  • 2. Not a Good Place at Ali

    by: patscala

    Bradford County Humane Society (BCHS) is the only shelter that accepts strays from Bradford and Sullivan Counties. Have you been to the shelter lately? You will find an immaculate, clean smelling facility run by a competent and caring staff. Drop by BCHS and let them know what you think.





  • 3. Not a Good Place At ALl

    by: faeryxdecay

    The staff is incredibly rude and act like even answering a question is too much work for them. They don't seem to care about the animals at all. Infact, the majority of the staff act like they hate being there. The place smells HORRIBLE. I feel sorry for all of those poor animals. They are not taken care of at all there. I hope this place gets closed down soon so that maybe a place that actually cares about animals can come in and do a good job.





  • 4. I agree --- bad place

    by: bigd1976

    I'm new to zootoo and couldnt' beleive when I came on to see this place listed. I got a dog from these people is 72 when the old owner had it it was nice. A couple of years ago I watched as they stole my neighbors hunting dog off of his lead in his own backyard. The dog was clean and well fed and an indoor dog. No reason to suspect abuse or anything. When I told my neighbor she went to Ulster to get her dog and was told that he was picked up roaming. She had to pay fines. They came back on another day as my wife watched and took her dog again. We had pictures but none could be used anywhere as no one around here to show them to. Again my neighbor went there just in time to see someone trying to buy her dog. He was a valuable pointer and I would have liked him myself. There's something shady about this place and it's dirty to beat hell! I agree with the other bad reviews writen here and the good one must have been written by the owner because this place has a very bad reputaion around here!




    gross messy dishonest

  • 5. Needs to be closed down!!!!!

    by: Serendipity63

    Unfortunately, I didn't adopt a pet here. I say unfortunately because the pets that are in this place really NEED to be rescued from it! It's smelly and the 'handlers' were spraying down kennels with the animals in them! One dog was cowering in the corner while the water was being sprayed into his area and I felt SO bad for him! The floors are hard and the place is just unfriendly. Forget trying to get the uncaring staff to pay attention when you want to see a pet. They act like it's a terrible bother when they finally do show up to assist. I don't understand how people who seem so uninterested in the welfare of these animals would even work in such a place! There was a smaller woman there who just acted like no one would be good enough to take these animals home, yet they live in such deplorable and scary conditions that one would think that she'd be begging people to take them! My husband and I felt so bad for these creatures but didn't want to deal with the rude woman who was in charge of adoption that day, so we left. I don't want to keep people out of there as I wish that someone would save these pets from their abusive situation, but I do wish that someone of higher authority would check this place out and clean out the animals that are in charge of these beautiful little creatures!


    There are some very nice animals here


    It is smelly, unkempt, and the staff is RUDE!

  • 6. An Unforgettable Experience

    by: rescue12304

    My boyfriend and I had a bad experience with this company. We wanted to adopt a dog, and there was a beautiful, friendly, and lovable dog there that I fell automatically in love with. While we were there we witnessed the cages being sprayed down while the animals were in there with high pressured hoses. The dogs stunk, and were not bathed giving the impression that they were not cared for. The staff were rude and did not really seem interested in giving the animals a chance of finding there wards a good home. We were refused adoption of the dog, because I could not provide vetinary records of a dog that died of old age four years ago. Also that when we had contacted our landlord to let the person registering us for adoption know that she was aware we were looking for a pet and she was ok with it, the lady informed our landlord that it was not in her best interest to allow us to adopt the dog because she would be held responsible for anything that dog did. Luckily our landlord was nice and loved us, and understood why we were looking for a dog, because she took what the lady said with a grain of salt. Our landlord refuses to adopt from there also. I feel bad for these animals it's bad enough that they do not have a good home, or they were refused, but to be denied a chance is heartbreaking. Maybe I had a bad experience, and the situation has improved, but unfortunately that experience has stuck with me for a long time. My boyfriend and I still talk about it, and it happened 6 years ago. I am hoping they have improved.


    Never got far enough to find the pros


    See Review

  • 7. BCHS

    by: salinge

    BCHS has a website that they update weekly with available pets. They take very good care of the animals they have and do their best to make sure they go to good homes. They really love the animals there and even call to check up on them once they've been adopted. I know this first hand because we adopted a cat from them in the past. I really like that they do not give up on the animals and put them down just because they don't get adopted right away. They had a cat for 2 yrs. before she was finally adopted and that says alot in my book. That is complete dedication, and for that, among other reasons as well, I highly recommend Bradford County Humane Society for any future adoptions you might pursue......I know that we will.


    Caring staff, animals well cared for, affordable adoptions


    It would be nice if the animals had more space