Bowling Green Bark Park

Cavemill Road
Bowling Green, KY 42101

User Reviews (19)

  • 1. 5 Star, HOWEVER, THERE IS AN Irresponsible Owner

    by: lnett

    Tonight we called the police to complain about a very large man and his 80-100 lb boxer mix dog. He will not control his dog. His dog is a bully. She doesn't really want to play but rather beat the other dogs up, and jumps on the humans in a forceful way, too. Many of the big dogs come to the small dog area to get away from the man and his dog. The police told us to call again when he is there, apparently others have called on him, too. We don't know the man's name, but the dogs name is Maxi.




    Everyone dislikes this man.

  • 2. Love this place

    by: ShelleA

    I really like this place and most of the people are nice.


    Lots of fun


    Need more parking & lighting

  • 3. A God-Send for Apartment Dwellers

    by: Khanji

    If you live an apartment or home with tiny yard like we do, this is the best place in the world for your pups. They get to rip and snort and smell and pee and roll and romp and all the other things they love to do. My two adore the Bark Park. The large enclosure lets them just go crazy off the lead and run to their heart's content. \r\n\r\nBe prepared to get muddy in the wet seasons. Although the B.G. Parks and & Recreation folks do a great job on maintaining the area, the frequent potty breaks, mass races, and digging sessions do tear up the grass. Make sure you bring towels for muddy paws, and a few baggies for your own pups' messes. Although bags are provided, the container has been known to run out on busy days.


    Just the best place ever!



  • 4. Lots of Fun

    by: LyndseyS

    My dog loved the Bark Park. He is an "only dog" so I was't sure how he would react, but it was great. All the other dog owners there were very friendly as well. I think that some bleachers or benches might be nice for people to sit on while their dogs run, but other than that, it is a great facility.


    Very Spacious


    No seating for owners

  • 5. great way to meet people and pups

    by: mandaj255

    Ever since we adopted our puppy we have really enjoyed bring our pup here. She loves to be able to just run and run and play with other doggies. I love meeting new people and talking about dogs with other dog lovers.


    get to meet people


    some people don't pick up the poop

  • 6. I love this place!

    by: Goldfishie85

    I love to take my dogs to this park! Since I don't have a fenced in yard I can take them here to run and play and I don't have to worry about them getting hurt off leash, although, there is a main road extremely close by that makes me nervous! \r\n-Other than that I am overall pleased with it. When I roll up with my 3 dogs and any others I take from the adoption line to have fun, they always make a grad entrance! You definately know I'm coming because espically my dog Blanton just makes such a scene trying to talk to the other dogs.


    Lets my dogs run and play!


    Too close to a main road

  • 7. Great first visit!

    by: WkuKelly

    I enjoyed my first visit to this park. I went because it was a nice day and I just found out that Bowling Green had a dog park and where it was. If you don't know where it is you can get there by taking Cave Mill road off of Nashville Rd. at the light tha is close to the Sonic off of Nashville Rd. It isn't that far down the road on the left with a sign and a big fenced in area. At first there weren't any small dogs in the small dog area so I took my 2 small dogs into the area for big dogs and they did ok for awhile, but they did have more fun when we went into the less than 30pound area. All the other dog owners were very friendly and made small talk. I think we stayed almost 2 hours and I had 2 very tired puppies when I got home. I'll take them back there for sure! Just try and make sure you pick up your doggie presents for others to enjoy a clean park too.


    Very friendly dogs and people. Large areas and great fences.


    No seating for people

  • 8. Bark Park Rocks!

    by: Ravinator

    The "Bark Park" rocks! All of the dogs who go there seem to enjoy it. The "Bark Park" filled a real need for a dog park in Bowling Green. It's clean, spacious, and centrally located. What more could one ask for?\r\n\r\n


    Spacious and Clean!



  • 9. A great place for dogs!

    by: IResQK9sNKy

    I've always thought that Bowling Green could use a dog park and we finally have one! Nice accommodations, secure 6' fence all around, double entrance gates, so they're no chance for dogs to escape while others come in. Very clean, lots of room to run and interact with the other dogs. A great way to socialize with your pet! My Punky loves it!


    safe fun, clean


    none found

  • 10. Amazing!

    by: pookiewku

    Great idea! My dogs love the park and get so excited when they know this is where we are headed. Great exercise for the dogs, and me too!


    clean, fun, safe


    we need more of these!!

  • 11. My dog loves this place

    by: silasbrown

    My dog loves to fetch ball, frisbee, and sticks. This park is perfect for her to play fetch and socialize with other dogs at the same time! I wish BG had more dog parks like this!


    large area for dogs to run and play together


    wish it were closer to home

  • 12. my dogs dig this place

    by: dsimmons

    This place is nice for the whole family. My dogs love it there


    very nice




    by: Radiogal88

    My little girls love to go to the park. We've found that it is always clean and the other pet owners respect the park. Great place to meet other animal lovers and make new friends.


    Beautiful setting and convenient for most of the area


    none that I have found

  • 14. Good place for pup parties!

    by: angelajones

    When I moved to BG, I was delighted to learn that the city was creating this park! I have visited it regularly since it opened and especially enjoy meeting other dog-lovers and dogs there. Friends and I have also used it as a setting for parties because of all the room for the dogs to run and play.\n\nHaving seen pictures from other dog parks around the country, I realize that our park could benefit from some landscaping features. Adding at least human seating and trees for shade would enhance the park a great deal.


    size, separate areas for small & large dogs, 2 parking lots


    very bare--no seating or trees

  • 15. Rocks!!!!!

    by: mollykerby

    This park is awesome! We needed something like this for a long time! The park is part of our greenways project :-) It has a place for small dogs and a place for larger dogs so they can play separately. Come on out!


    room for big dogs & small dogs


    no very big

  • 16. I hear great things about the dog park

    by: deanawehr

    I hear on an almost daily basis that this place is great and most of my friends go there A LOT and love it. Due to location and the fact that I have room to let my dogs play in my yard, I have not been.


    great place for dogs to get exercise


    location for me

  • 17. an awesome place

    by: bigbuddha

    This is a great place for dogs who don't get the chance to run and jump as much as they would like. It is a beautiful space for a dog to get out and be a dog. Not confined to a small yard or apartment. Then after a good play, there is the greenway walk for the dog and owner to take a great walk around Lost River Cave.


    A great place for dogs to run


    Not so many little dogs

  • 18. Fun for the pups

    by: jinxkitty

    I'm so glad that Bowling Green finally has a dog park. I do wish that the dog park had been around when I lived in the city. We definitely would have been frequent visitors. Thanks BG for being such an animal friendly city.


    Great place for dogs in town


    No lights after dark

  • 19. "Bark Park"

    by: princesskkinky

    My zoo loves to go here... I take two pitties, a lab, and a boston terrier there--weekly!! There's two huge enclosures--one for dogs under 20 lbs and one for big dogs. (Although my boston likes to run with the big dogs.) The only bad thing I have to say about the place is that they run out of the free baggies for poo. When ever I get a bunch of extra grocery sacks, I take them down there...


    They have two huge enclosures--for large and small pets.


    Not the best parking, but it's getting etter!