Bow wow bathhouse

203 long plain rd.
Whately, MA 01373

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Wonderful place for my dog

    by: Greenpeg58

    This was a great place to board my small dog for the week. He was able to interact with other dogs big and small for hours, he got time to rest and best of all when he came home he was calm and not stressed at all. The staff was very knowledgeable and understood what Ziggy's small dog needs might be. Ziggy's past boarding experiences in other places left him highly stressed and with separation issues. The ability for him to interact with other dogs and people all day made him an extremely happy dog and let me relax while on vacation. Thank you so much !!


    Small dog/big dog separate areas if needed. Dogs can interact together



  • 2. Awesome!

    by: nkrisch

    Bow Wow Bathhouse is my one stop place to go for my pets. We have two dogs and a cat and they offer everything there from Grooming/Bathing/Nail trims, Dog AND Cat boarding, Dog Daycare, Training, and they have a full store up front with leashes, collars, tags, frontline plus, grooming supplies, toys, holistic and healthy dog/cat foods (NOT purina, science diet etc.. that are full of preservatives and byproducts) The staff is knowledgable and friendly and it is WAY better than boarding your pet at vet services. The dogs get constant attention at the bow wow bath house and everyone that works there is a true animal lover. The prices are reasonable.


    Friendly, great service, the pets are TRULY pampered