Boulder Reservoir

5100 N 51st Street
Boulder, CO

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Great Park

    by: erbryan

    This is a great park! My dogs love to go here and meet new dogs!


    Very nice!



  • 2. hiking and swimming

    by: usumi

    I like this place when the regular people are there- people who understand how dogs play. I like it when dogs wrestle and play fight and when they have a chance to figure out if they can dominate another dog. It's fun for the dogs, gives them good exercise and gives them a chance to really be dogs.


    water and trails



  • 3. Definitely a fun place for doggies!!

    by: princess17cu

    This is a lovely place to take your doggies!! It is gorgeous and serene... and great for doggies to swim or romp around and play!!


    GREAT for doggies who like the water- in the summertime!!


    Can get a bit messy-

  • 4. beautiful view

    by: Dash

    This is a great place to go walk your dog. You can walk on several trails right along the North side of the Rez and your dog can be off leash on most of the trails. Be careful to check the signs to make sure that it is OK to have your dog off leash and your dog must come when called. Most people are great about keeping dogs under control, but once in a while one person ruins it for everyone when they let their dog run out of control


    Beautiful views and a nice walk


    Watch for the prairie dogs