Boston animal control

Boston city hall rm 118811
Boston, MA 02201
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  • 1. Not as good as I thought they were!!

    by: LoveMyPomeranians

    I really was dissapointed in the Animal Controls Office. I had called one Sunday afternoon because I found a hurt squirrel. I felt so bad for the little baby because he got his legs stuck in a manhole/grate thing and was screaming. I got him out, brought him home, wrapped him in a towel and put him in a big box so he had room(but he couldn't walk). I called the Animal Control at City Hall and they guy was such a mean person! He really could have cared less. I told him the situation and he said they don't make service calls for RODENTS. I was like "its a hurt squirrel dying in my home!!" He didn't care and said to call back tomorrow during normal business hours. It was the emergency hotline so I said, " THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!" HE said "THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO, CALL BACK TOMORROW!!" I asked him if he could refer me to anyone else. He said NO. I was so shocked at his attitude even after I told him I was scared to keep the squirrel in my home. He hung up on me after I said, "your not helping." So I ran online again and found some information. Then I found some pamphlets that the ASPCA had given me for wildlife. I called the guy back and told him that all the information I had in front of me stated that they HAD to, by law, come and get this squirrel. He said "NO the laws changed, I told you that!!" I said "Sir, I am very surprised that you work in the same facility as the mayor and I'm reporting your attitude." He hung up again. I never called back to report him because I am a soft person and didn't want someone to loose their job in this economy but I SHOULD HAVE! I did some more research and ended up calling the MSPCA or the ASPCA in Boston and they came and picked up the squirrel RIGHT away and were so compassionate and NICE about the whole situation.


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