Bonnie l hays small animal shelter of washington county

1901 se 24th ave ms53
Hillsboro, OR 97123

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. A caring place

    by: wjconnel

    I have had several encounters with WCAS. I have taken found dogs there, and adopted a cat there. The staff is very hard working and the place is very clean. My expreiences have all been positive.




    Wish they had a bigger facility!

  • 2. Shelter workers are wonderful

    by: michean

    This shelter and the staff truly cares about animals, many of the staff foster and go above and beyond to save every animal possible


    Cares about animals



  • 3. Doing the best they can

    by: kathearn

    Although the building is relatively new, it was at capacity from the opening. They have changed & are working with rescues to help save lives.


    Doing the best they can


    kill shelter

  • 4. Great Place

    by: whtstg

    Review from a volunteer. I have volunteered at the shelter going on 8 years now. I see the hard work the staff does dealing with such problems as hoarders, abused animals and problem animals. There are so many success stories and the staff is so dedicated to what they do it's a shame people still view them as "the pound." Because they are a county shelter and not a non-profit shelter they are limited by some things, but they should be commended for the great work they do for the community and mostly for the numerous animals that go through their shelter.


    Have lots of animals, great for the community


    people see it as the "pound"

  • 5. Doing a good job for the county

    by: kcovey26

    The good folks at WCAS Bonnie L Hays have a diverse population to work with. Their officers have many hurtles to deal with in regards to cultural views on animals. \r\n\r\nThey do a good job for Washington County and are willing to be more progressive then some of the other counties.


    Collaberations with other shelters


    limited funds to do the hard work

  • 6. Provide important service for community

    by: danielai

    Bonnie Hayes has to deal with a lot of stray animals and a community that can use a lot of education on responsible pet care. Their services are convenient for the community and there is a lot of caring for animals in their facility. I know they are working towards decreasing their need for euthanasia.


    Convenient service for community


    Higher euthanasia rate than anyone would like

  • 7. Helping the comunity

    by: brownjudy

    Bonnie Hayes is vital to the community.\nThey provide a place to bring stray,unwanted animals.\n\nWithout their assistance there would be thousands more wandering loose animals.\n \nThank you for all you do.


    Helps save lives