Bonnie devlin the pet sitter

872 roble avenue
Menlo park, CA 94025

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  • 1. A Sitter That Does it All !

    by: Blink

    If you travel and you don't want to uproot your animal each time you leave (e.g., take them to a boarding facility) then you simply must contact Bonnie Devlin ( She services mainly the Peninsula area south of San Francisco. For us, we've found that first impressions usually reveal a true animal lover and we watch our cat to see how he reacts to people. He's introverted so he typically runs when someone comes into the house. But it was different with Bonnie. Our cat greeted her and immediately felt at ease with her. That sold us on Bonnie ..... and we've been with her ever since. To our delight we've found that Bonnie has been amazing to work! She's flexible, conscientious and above all very considerate to our cat. She pays attention to every detail and everything is always in order when we return home. Our cat is happy each time we return home and not traumatized by a trip to/from the boarding kennel. Not to mention how convenient it is to return home at midnight and our cat is there. No hassels for any of us! In addition, Bonnie will collect your mail while you're gone (no mail hold!) and even run errands for you. Bonnie typically communicates with us while we're gone to let us know that everything is okay. Just a quick e-mail and we know that all is in order at home. This is the peace of mind we apprecaite that makes a trip complete. We don't know what we'd do without Bonnie so help us to keep her in this profession for a long time. ;-)


    Personalized service, strong network in the community, very flexible


    None that we know of