Bone-a-fide boutique

1082 glade run road
Kittanning, PA 16201

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. TLC Extraordinaire!!

    by: wildirishrose

    A wonderful young woman who has such a touch with our fur babies! They jump from the car and zoom right into the groomer's office - actually look forward to going to see Jonica even though they know they'll have to tolerate having their toenails clipped! One of our dogs is a husky and shaving her down for the summer months is quite tricky so she doesn't end up looking awful. Jonica always does a terrific job and Annie emerges looking perfectly glorious!\n\nWe had a 17-year-old dog whom Jonica treated so lovingly. In her last years, Jonica would work on Friday for a bit, then let her rest awhile before resuming. She would also let Friday lie down for as much of her grooming appointment as possible and it ended up being such an enjoyable experience for our elderly lady each time she went to the groomer.


    Our dogs adore their groomer, Jonica!