Blue Valley Animal Hospital

16200 Metcalf
Stilwell, KS 66085

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  • 1. Terrible Experience

    by: ztT4MP47221485

    I would not recommend Blue Valley Animal Hospital to anyone. I am new to the area and took our dog there for grooming. When I got him back home, I noticed a spot under a front leg that had been shaved down to the skin. This was irritating to the dog and he began to scratch it. By the next morning it was a large angry looking sore. I called to see if the groomer had a problem with him and was told to bring him in. The Dr. was very defensive & shot him with cortisone without even asking/telling me what he was doing. Our dog does not tolerate cortisone well. When I told him about a previous bad reaction, the vet shouted that "it didn't happen here!" I then told him that no, it didn't because this was my first visit here--and probably my last. He angrily replied that there were 20 other vets in the area and it was just fine with him if I would go somewhere else! I was shocked at his attitude. Bottom line - we had a miserable little dog for days because of this place.




    Vet's attitude, groomer