Blue Prints Dog Studio

303 Nottingham Rd
Syracuse, NY 13210

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Wonderful place!

    by: whenwilllove

    We've been taking Charlie there since we got him, and they've been nothing but fantastic. Even though Charlie is a longhaired dachshund, we didn't want to keep his fur in the traditional longhair style, so we just told them we wanted it a little shorter than that, especially on the stomach and ears. He came back looking exactly how we were thinking! While new places and being trimmed always make him nervous, they make him as comfortable as he can be and are so nice to him. Every time we come in the groomer remembers him and knows how we want him groomed, it's amazing. She carries him in and out because she knows that relaxes him as he likes contact. My parents also took him for a training class there and they were just as nice and knowledgable, so it's an amazing place all around!!!