Bloomington Cat Hospital

400 E 3Rd Street
Bloomington, IN 47401

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Nice to have a cat friendly vet

    by: JoJoBloomington

    Love the idea of a cat only facility.


    Cats only!


    If you have a dog he/she must go to another vet

  • 2. BCH

    by: nathanlohrmann

    Overall, a great place to take your cat!


    Cats only, great staff!


    We couldn't get a straight diagnosis for out cat and ended up costing a lot...

  • 3. Always Satisfied

    by: Rch4u693

    I always rely and trust the Bloomington Cat hospital for all my cat related illnesses and issues!!! I trust this practice 100%!


    Always tries to solve the problem not the symptoms!!


    Far from my house

  • 4. If you have a cat in Bloomington, IN, this is the vet for you!

    by: Sockschan

    Bloomington Cat Hospital has a great staff who are friendly to their patients (as well as the human caregivers!). They've always been patient, kind, and they send out reminder cards when it's time for yearly exams, which is a big help for me with my busy schedule. They have good advice, and I feel they've really gone out of their way to help me out when I needed it.


    knowledgable and friendly staff


    small parking lot & facility

  • 5. Clean and professional.

    by: JamesHaverstock

    This may sound strange, but I have only been in the clinic when on duty as a police officer. But, in doing an investigation of a burglary, I had access to the entire establishment. It was amazingly clean and orderly. It spoke of professionalism in every way. While not familiar with the skill of the vets, there is a feel and look to good practices. The Cat Hospital had that look and feel. If I owned a cat I would not hesitate to try them.


    Clean and professional.


    Unaware of any.

  • 6. Super on every level

    by: psychoalpha

    I've been working for BCH since September (since the new vet - Dr. Stotland - bought the practice.)\n\nI can confidently say that every member of the staff is bursting with affection for every cat who comes through the door, and the number one priority is making sure every cat is healthy and comfortable.\n\nWe love your cats! Bring them in!


    Great staff, great vet, and an unadulterated love of cats!


    None to speak of.

  • 7. Friendly, clean, and helpful!

    by: stine06

    Yes, a little more on the expensive side, but well worth it. They were absolutely friendly and helpful. Answered all of my questions throughly and in a way I would completely understand. The fact that this facility only caters to cats helped keep my cats calm. The smells of various animals in other vet's offices often made my cats very timid and nervous. I'd defintely recommend this facility. For more information:


    They care only for cats, so no dog smells to scare the cats.


    More expensive than my previous vet.