Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center

2000 Bishop Drive
San Ramon, CA 94583

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  • 1. Do Not go to Bishop Ranch--Please read

    by: PL

    I started going to Bishop Ranch back in May of 2007 when my cat started coughing. Dr. Utchen (an owner) said it was allergies and no big thing. When the cat continued the coughing and I brought him back, he took an x-ray and said there was a grey area there, but the x-ray technician ruled it as asthma, or similar. Utchen recommended I do nothing. And still thought it was allergies. I also was given the impression that I was "over-concerned." The coughing seemed to go away. During a follow up annual check-up, he said Tigger was in great shape, and just needed a teeth cleaning. In December of 2008, they ran some blood tests to make sure he was okay. They said the tests came back normal, but right after the teeth cleaning, he starting coughing again, worse than ever. When I took him into Utchen, he first left me sitting in the exam room for a half hour because he had 'forgotten he had an appointment' and was talking and walking around the back. I let him listen to the recording of Tigger's coughing and he just looked puzzled and said, sounds like sneezing. He did not do a follow up x-ray, but only referred to the one from 5/07 and the notes from the technician. He said, it's asthma, let's give him a steroid shot which should last a month. 2 weeks later he started coughing again. I decided to make an appointment with another vet there, Dr. Montoya. She agreed with Dr. Utchen (just reading his notes) and gave the cat another steroid shot. She told me to order Flovent (an expensive asthma inhalant and Aerokat administrating chamber). Which I did. She also gave me a prescription for something that would open his breathing tubes if he started coughing. Again, no follow up x-ray. Within 2 days, he started struggling, I gave him one of the pills, for which I thought would help him breath, he became much worse and started breathing rapidly. I called and made an appointment with a 3rd veterinarian, Dr. Weaver, and asked that she please take a new x-ray to verify if it really was asthma.When the x-ray came back, his lungs were filled with fluid and after the fluid was tested, he tested positive for cancer. It went down hill from there. Within 2 days he stopped eating and moving. I had to euthanize him. When I took him in, a Dr. Cain (cold, unfeeling), offered no comfort or sympathy, and rushed me to 'do it or not.' She had the technicians put in the long 2 1/2, huge, plastic tube deep into his thin arm vein and did not even wait for the sedative to take affect--if she gave him one, she said it was 'mixed together.' I don't know what the gave him, but he jolted, growled out loud, and all four legs shot straight out, when it hit. It was horrible and painful and he did not go peacefully.


    front staff nice


    Please read review--

  • 2. only place for my pets

    by: ztT4MP46799704

    Awesome doctors. Dr. Pogrel and Dr. Taylor and Dr. Weaver are the doctos for my pets. THey alwys spend enough time with us and explain whats wrong or what I can do on my own to take care of my babies. Recpetionsits are very nice. Building is very clean. Better than any hospital I've gone to.


    great doctors and staff


    cost--but you get what you pay for