Biscuits & Bath Llc

140 West 67 Street New York
New York, NY

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Bad experience with Biscuits & Bath

    by: barkleyandcajun

    I used to take my pug to Biscuits & Bath on 13th St. (btwn 5th & 6th aves) in Manhattan regularly. I was pleased with the service until an employee told me one day that my dog had been attacked. She told me that they had been moving all the small dogs to a different room and nobody double checked to make sure all the little guys had been successfully moved before bringing in bigger dogs. My pug was left in the room and was attacked by a bigger dog coming in. They told me they had a vet check my dog out and that he was fine. Indeed he was. I was most disappointed that the employee who told me about this was told off by the manager for giving me the information. When the manager took over the conversation, she was very reticent to give me any details. This was a serious concern to me. I felt that they should be very forthcoming with information about this type of situation. I also found out that day that they had not been walking my dog on his harness as I had requested in writing and for which I had signed a waiver.




    dogs not always safe

  • 2. Amazing

    by: lokismom

    I have taken Loki to Biscuits and Bath several times and I have been more than impressed with their service. The staff are super nice and the doggie "gyms" are also super clean. I really liked that they have cageless boarding and provide the dogs with their own little blankets. This is important because I could never board Loki in a place where he would be confined in a cage. They offer so many great services. I am currently having at home training sessions with one of their amazing trainers to help teach Loki to have better manners. They also have great grooming and also offer transportation, which I really like since the closest location is over 20 blocks away. Overall I can't say enough great things about them!


    great variety of services


    there isn't a location that's close to me