Big river veterinary service

774 nooseneck hill rd
West Greenwich, RI 2817

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Very Knowledgeable Vet in Many Areas

    by: RabbitsUnite

    From the first day our rabbits have gone to this clinic only. For spaying, emergencies and regular visits. Have complete trust in them.


    Treat many species including Rabbits. Only vet in area skilled in Rabbits


    None found

  • 2. Top Vet for Rabbits

    by: ABunnyisLove

    This is the only vet we trust with our Rabbits. Rabbits have unique physiology requiring a vet that is fully knowledgeable regarding their care. Our Rabbit(s) always go there for their annual checkups and anytime there may be a problem.\nThey understand what great pets Rabbits make and the tightness of the bond they form.


    Excells in the care of Rabbits, also care for many other species