Bidwell dog & cat pet grooming

1416 mangrove av
Chico, CA
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. No good

    by: angelag86

    I believe this place has closed down, and for good reason. I only took my dog here once, as it was reccommended by her old owner. The owner of the business was very nice and asked me what haircut I wanted and talked it over with me. When I picked up my doglet she looked nothing like what I had described. She was shaking, nervous, and whimpered when I touched her. I paid and left. When I got home I looked at her tummy and it was nicked, red and irratated. The sensitive skin where her legs touched her tummy had been cut and was bloody. She was so unconfortable and I felt rotten for putting her in that situation. If he has relocated, I would recommend NOT taking your animal to him, as he clearly does not know how to handle them.


    The owner is very nice


    Bad handling of pets

  • 2. some people like this groomer

    by: kimmycat13

    My mom has always taken her dogs here until recently and has never had an issue. He always did a nice job and cleaned the dogs teeth for free. However, I heard that some people have had terrible experiences when their dogs were shaved and cut in the process. I would suggest this groomer for trims and bathing.


    good location


    some bad experiences