Beverly Pet-pride Professionl Grooming

10035 South Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60643

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Spectrum Frog and Fish food

    by: TurboLeslie

    Spectrum frog and fish food is little pellets. It comes in a small container. Sadly, the frog died!


    The frogs like it


    You probably won't use it all before your frog dies

  • 2. Horrible!

    by: carolnmaddie

    I don't like to write bad reviews but when it concerns your pet and their well being then I have no choice. This place is old and dirty. The ceiling tiles are missing and its dark and dreary in there. The lady that grooms and works there is not friendly at all. I came in at the time I was told to pick him up and he was not ready. So now she began to rush. I was watching from a distance and saw her grabbing at his face and pulling it constantly. She was not even moving him in a nice way. Not very professional and did not know what she was doing. I did not like the way he looked either. I tell everyone not to go there. Stay away! This place does not even deserve to be listed on zootoo as a groomer.




    Where do I begin?