Beverly animal shelter

50 east river road
Waterloo, NY 13165
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. this is where my Shadow came from

    by: ChestersFan

    This is where my Shadow came from, no one will ever love me again the way my Shadow did. She'd been there for 6 months, chained to her dog house. I miss her terribly even after 3 years.




    it was a long time ago

  • 2. rawt

    by: gundol

    its great its a nice place for the dog and animals




    bad service

  • 3. map location

    by: alliech

    if you click on the link for "bevely animal shelter in waterloo, ny 13165-rescue group" you will see a map pinning the shelter on main street. It is located at 50 east river road. try looking for the location from a different website, such as petfinder or mapquest


    this shelter has assisted disaster victims in seneca county


    wrong location mapped on this website

  • 4. I wish all shelters were like this place

    by: sirschuster

    I lived in seneca falls for two years without even knowing this great place existed pretty much in my backyard.\n\nIt's a cage-free (at least for cats), no-kill shelter which pretty much runs entirely off of donations and volunteers. The animals are very well taken care of and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable about each of their cats and their personalities. Very helpful, and inexpensive too, kittens are $30, and adults are $50.\n\nOnly problem is that sometimes the cat you want cant be found. I guess thats the pit-fall of uncaged animals. ;)


    Cage Free, No-Kill, Inexpensive, Knowledgeable


    Can be Hard to find the pet you want