Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

409 Cabot Street
Beverly, MA 01915

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Mean, rude vet, period

    by: AlexB1001

    There are two vets at this practice, one is very kind and sweet and the other, the owner, is the total opposite. She can be extremely rude and mean to clients. If she is in a bad mood watch out and run for your life. She has bad things to say about everyother vet out there. She has a GOD complex and needs to realize it. It boggles my mind she is still in business. If it wasnt for the associate vet, she would have no clients. Consumers beware....the woman should be on medication for an imbalance or something. I will never take my pet there again because of this woman. If you are on her good side then you should, keyword should, be fine. If not, I suggest you go elsewhere. Also, if you spend alot of money there, she will be on your good side and cater to you. If you dont have that much money and struggle a little, she will talk alot behind your back. If you cant figure out what I am talking about, take your pet to Dr.Crowley and that will be your last trip there. Otherwise, you can talk to her staff, who she treats like dirt. I have seen staff leave that place crying because she is such a witch and can be extremely mean. She has to have some type of mental disorder, no one in their right mind acts like that. I am sorry for anyone who has had similar experiences. I also had to pay 25 bucks to get my pets records, all 5 pages of them....ugh.


    My dog is alive


    I left crying

  • 2. Unpleasant, expensive, inept vet

    by: redmoss

    I was a client of BANHC for over 3 years with no complaint about medical care. Now I am having my dogs reexamined elsewhere because I fear they were given inadequate, though exorbitantly priced, care all along from Dr. Crowley. 11/22/2008 she rudely dismissed my suggestion of performing blood work on my elderly dog who had a bout of anorexia and weight loss. She not only commented that tests run two years prior were fine but that my money should be spent on important things. 12/11/2008 my fiance brought the dog back she was obviously ill. Dr. Crowley commented that I had declined recommended blood work on 12/05. Her compulsion to lie may stem from her attempt to cover her inadequacy or a psychosis. Whatever the reason, I would never entrust my dogs' health and well being to her again.


    Didn't outright kill my dog


    Need for new vet made crystal clear