Bevans Pet Supplies Boarding & Grooming

1921 North Ridge Road
Lorain, OH 44055

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Bevans Groomers and Boarding.

    by: ClaireK

    They have done a great job on my pets and that of other members of my familys pets. They have also done a lot to assist the humane Soc. in boarding dogs and cats at min. cost when they were unable to take them in. Very nice owners.


    Very good and the animals seem to like it.


    nothing yet

  • 2. Wolfie2z Loves Bevans

    by: wolfie2z

    Wolfie should love Bevans , the owners then Kelly and Kim rescued him and his siblings from a diet of squirrel, frogs and whatever else they found. Brought the litter in gave them all baths, food and T.L.C.. Soon they all had homes. This was not the only time these folks have assisted our needy furry friends. My best wishes for their success, just keep up the good work.This county and it's critters need folks like you. Jeri J


    Always Frendly and makes your pet feel welcomed and cared about. Animals KNOW


    Sometimes to busy when I need them. But worth waiting for.

  • 3. Tank loves them

    by: judyofoz

    Tank loves going to Bevans and getting a bath. They offer advice on skin products and diet too. Nice job. He's always smiling when he walks out of there.


    Tank feels so good after


    would like to go more

  • 4. One Stop

    by: charlup

    Groomers were nice and helpful. Like being able to go there for dog license, grooming, food, etc. Have not used the boarding, but they have recently updated the facilities.


    convenient, updated


    not sure

  • 5. Great Store

    by: steve5

    Smiling faces greet you as you shop. I've never boarded there, but I did adopt a dog from there because the board for the Humane Society. What a nice thing to do!


    good location


    could be larger