Best friends of the oklahoma animal welfare division

2811 s.e. 29th st.
Oklahoma city, OK 73129
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. not a bad animal shelter

    by: mandycandysandy

    This shelter didnt seem so bad at all. We went there just to see the animals & the shelter welcomed us to do so. I guess it is a popular one to go to because there were lots of people there & they were so busy. They have these rooms that you can see into where the cats are. You can go in & pet the cats! They have more glass rooms that are empty so that you can take a dog into them to see how they interact with you. In the back is where the dogs are kept. They had 2 dogs in almost every cage. They had lots of friendly dogs & whenever anyone walks through with a leash ALL the dogs get excited!lol I thought that this would be a great place to visit again.


    they have a place where you can spend a little time & interact with the animal you may want to adopt.


    They were so busy when we went there.