Best friends grooming salon inc

4488 middle country road
Calverton, NY 11933
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Bad review

    by: doglove2

    I found this groomer on-line, I felt I did my research, unfortunatly based on one review which seemed promising. I brought my 2 dogs here 2-3 times and on the last time my one dog did not even want to go into the store, which is not in her character, she doesn't even run from the vet! I didn't think much of it, but when I went to pick them up I noticed that her head was down in the cage and very quite; very unlike her when she sees me. I had mentioned "that is strange she is never like that" and the owner said "oh well she was barking and I said to her No...Stop barking...and she just stopped..." Well, that is even more strange because I doubt that she responded to a command from them, with the little barking that she would have done (she is not a yippy dog). The moment they took her out of the crate she yellped...somethng I never heard before and she was clawing at me to get out of there...which she also never did before. My dogs have been groomed multiple times, and I know that it is not supposed to be nor has it been a terrifying experience. Unfortunataly for them, I know my dogs very well, and without words my dog told me that they had did something bad to her....ABUSE!!!! It took my dog hours after bringing her home for her disposition to come back to normal. I would never recommend BEST FRIENDS GROOMING SALON...I wish I had a puppy cam to prove it....but unfortunataly I never expected this to happen. I have plans to take this complaint further, but in the interem....if you are searching for reviews...please take mine to heart because you will be sorry.


    They come across nice.........


    I feel my dog was abused here!!

  • 2. Great place

    by: chaines416

    Very caring staff, and very clean salon. I am able to call at the last minute, and usually can get an appointment right away. My dogs always wag their tails when walking in there, and the staff always remembers their names. They always come out looking and smelling beautiful!


    Very close to home