Berrien county dog pound

9204 huckleberry road
Berrien center, MI 49103
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Berrien County Uses a Gas Chamber

    by: greenpepper

    July 2010 – Berrien County Animal Control is one of only 10 animal shelters in Michigan that is NOT using the most humane method to euthanize cats and dogs. Berrien County Animal Control officers euthanize 7-11 cats and dogs together (depending on their size) at a time in a gas chamber. Imagine how scared the animals are being loaded up together and wheeled into the gas chamber. Berrien County could easily transition to humane euthanasia by injection if they wanted to… Please save a cat or dog from a horrible death – Adopt from the Berrien County Animal Shelter.


    Procedures Can Be Updated


    Uses a Gas Chamber

  • 2. doing the best they can

    by: labmom6193

    This is a county shelter working with limited funds and relying on donations and contributions. Do they wish it was different? I'm sure they do, but they do what they can with what they have. I have called them several times to report animal neglect/abuse cases and they have always come right out and checked the situations out. When someone is reported they also have a very good follow-up plan to make sure that the animals are cared for. I think they deserve a big pat on the back!!!


    unappreciated staff working with few dollars


    limited funding

  • 3. Shelter needs to update euthanasia methods!

    by: Mikka

    This shelter uses a gas chamber to euthanize their unwanted animals. They are also very outdated and the animals when they go in aren't given a very good prognosis of coming out. They need to change their euthanasia methods to one that is easier on the animal, like sodium phenobarbital! If you have a chance to adopt please get the animals out of there so they don't have to go through that gas chamber!




    uses gas chamber as an acceptable euthanasia method