Bernardsville animal hospital

41 morristown road
Bernardsville, NJ 07924
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Check prices first

    by: toddrhayes

    We used them for many years and they are caring and they are very nice. There is a now a very heavy marketing focus and the prices are high.


    Nice Staff


    Very Expensive

  • 2. Have your checkbook ready

    by: AlpacaJen

    I used this practice for 13 years and finally had to change vets. They are within walking distance of my home which was great. They had a groomer on site that was wonderful. They started out being very compassionate, knowledgeable and priced within reason for the area. I felt they very much cared about my pets. As the years went on, it was clear that they were taking marketing classes. Every touch point with the customer involved asking if you needed, product, medication etc etc. Every bill got higher and higher. They often pushed expensive and unnecessary test and bi-yearly visits for senior pets. Some of my dogs problems were mis-diagnosed - like allergies diagnosed as flees and lots of flee products purchases required. After expensive senior blood tests – high kidney levels were not noted and went a year untreated until records were sent to the new vet. The high cost and seeming lack of care for the animals and the obvious focus on their bottom line left me no choice but to go elsewhere. After 13 yrs with them, I left the practice and not so much as a phone call asking why….doesn’t seem like good customer service.


    convenient location


    very high priced!