Berman Daniel Dvm

2103 East Virginia Avenue
Denver, CO 80209

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  • 1. Great vet and vet assistant

    by: Poozie

    When you walk in, you are greeted by Karissa, and either a little Chihuahua or a Russian Blue, or both. You instantly feel comfortable in this friendly environment, which in turn makes your dog relax. \n\nWhile waiting, you will notice how clean this state of the art, small office is. But the most impressive part of your trip will be Dr. Dan Berman. When he enters the room, he gives your still slightly nervous dog room to relax and get comfortable before he starts poking and prodding. When he completes his exam, you will know that what he tells you is based on his intelligence in the field of veterinary science, and that your dog or cat is in good hands. \n\nMy dog and I had been to many competent vets before visiting Dr. Berman, but it was he who diagnosed the issues that were causing Diesel extreme discomfort. My last trip, I was sure that Diesel had slipped a disc in his spine, and was ready for Xrays and surgery....but instead Dr. Berman studied his skin and prescribed some medication. :)


    Knowing, caring and kind