Berkeley Park Dog Park

Sheridan And West 46th
Denver, CO 80211

User Reviews (8)

  • 1. Good, social place

    by: haygrif

    Berkeley is in a nice area and highly accessible to many Denverites and surrounding suburbs. The park is usually packed during clear weather, especially on weekends and after work (5ishpm). There is also big ole Berkeley Lake to take a walk around before or after your dog park visit to chill out the poochies that much more. \n\nThe only con I have for this park is the fact that one of my dogs is somewhat fearful of other dogs, and therefore this place can be overwhelming for her. For well socialized pups this place is no problem, and probably totally exciting! It's also a great place to socialize pups... responsibly, that is. I have run across a great many irresponsible owners here as well, though -- but you take the good with the bad, and so long as you're alert and know how to handle dog situations all is well. It is just irritating when people bring in intact, undersocialized, or maltreated pooches -- which happens more than I'd like to see.


    large, fenced, super popular- THE Denver dog park.


    sometimes overwhelmingly busy.

  • 2. fascinating conversation

    by: mindylove79

    I went to this dog park once, it was quite interesting. I was offered weed, and somebody else offered me some beer, but they were friendly, and obvioulsy cared about their dogs. All in all it was a decent little dog park.


    interesting people go there


    not too clean

  • 3. Nice Park

    by: rollerklutz

    We used to take our dog here all the time after it first opened. However, not everyone cleans up after their dog, and the grass is almost gone. They should put down gravel or sand like Stapleton did. Otherwise, it's a great place for dog owners in NW Denver.


    Lots of room to run.


    No water supply, muddy

  • 4. Busy place

    by: herringfish3

    This place is usually busy if the weather is nice- if you have a social doggie he/she will be able to meet lots of friends here. Perhaps a down side is that it has two very busy roads next to it, so lots of traffic noise and potential danger if your pet is a runner!


    lots of room


    lots of dogs/people

  • 5. So Fun!

    by: Stephanienmt

    My dog and I love this park. There is a lot of room and safe with secure fencing.


    Large park


    no grass, gets muddy

  • 6. great playground

    by: PAULENE

    great centrally located park friendly dogs most times. some lack of cleanup by owners


    great convenient place


    long walk for some seniors

  • 7. Great amenity for dogs

    by: Tatesq

    This is a fun park for dogs! It's very large and completely fenced. Especially on weekends, there are usually lots of dogs to meet and play with. Just make sure you keep an eye out, because sometimes there will be a dog or two who doesn't have good play manners. Plan for a bath afterwards, because your dog will probably be covered with dirt and other dogs' drool!




    After the park, a bath is in order!

  • 8. Busy dog park

    by: TaraColorado

    When it first opened up I used to take my dogs here all the time. Any more I am guaranteed to run into to an irresponsible dog owner. I know there is no way to avoid them all together, but they have taken all the fun out of this park for me. I can tell many still use it though as all of the grass has been run into dirt.


    Not very many dog parks in the area


    some irresponsible people, no grass left, small