Bergen county animal shelter

100 united lane
Teterboro, NJ 07608
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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Terrible Staff and Shady

    by: Roxy33

    I volunteered at the shelter fostering kittens and could not believe the terrible treatment they gave me. The staff is completely rude, they don't get back to you when you leave messages when there is an emergency. Once you have the fosters, they expect you to keep them. Starting off with the dog training Melissa, she is very rough and expect the volunteers to be the same way, even when the dog listens. The F.O.C.A.S. group told me that they are a "NO Kill" shelter and the Vet Doctor told us they are. It is also funny that all the kittens there look like the stray cats that are Outside the shelter and Dr. Pazos and the staff advised "not to feed them" and they would "eventually" bring them in. THEY ARE BREEDING THEM FOR MONEY. During one of my visits I noticed this dog that has been there for quite awhile. To my surprise, she recently had given birth by the size of her nipples which is obvious. HHmmmmmm, makes you wonder? They flat out deny everything. There are also rooms, rows 5 and up that "no one" is allowed to go view. There are many secrets at that place and hopefully everything will come to surface. Just take a stroll to the shelter and look around the parking lot at about 15 or so cats. The animals are adorable and deserve to have a better staff taking care of them.


    great animals


    terrible staff

  • 2. Can't really say anything good

    by: Margarel

    This facility is a mess in so many ways. From the inexperienced staff to their cleaning methods to their lack of animal knowledge and horrible customer's a county run faclity with union employee's, need I say more? Their employee's are working for their benefits, not the animals. It's a shame, the building is actually very nice but they don't appreciate what they have or take care of it.


    Large, nice facility


    Too many to list

  • 3. ZooToo

    by: butterfly500

    Many years ago I adopted a couple of dogs from their shelter. The cages were clean and the staff was very helpful. The vets were good. I want to thank them for being so good to all the animals that were there at that time. Everyone was nice and accomadating. They have a low score so I doubt they will get the make-over but they have been in Teterboro a very long time and could use a nice make-over for all the animals there.


    Very Clean


    No cons that I know of but could use a nice make-over

  • 4. A bit overwhelming

    by: CitySue

    Not sure whether it was a bad day or the staff is busy but could not get my questions answered or helpful. The shelter had really strong odors in the lobby.


    Nice building


    A bit chaotic

  • 5. Caring Staff

    by: KimTrina

    I learned about this shelter when one of the vets from the shelter came to my facility with a foster dog! I was really impressed that she wanted to enroll the dog in her foster care into daycare! Now that's heart! What a great staff!


    On site vet staff is fabulous!



  • 6. Nice sized facility, Staff not very helpful

    by: croft

    I've been to this shelter twice. The first time I was hassled at the door about adopting. I felt like I was on an interview just to walk in the place. I was asked my age (I look about 8 years younger than I am), location, whether I could prove that I am allowed to have pets on my lease just to walk into the building. All I wanted to do was LOOK at dogs during their adoption hours. I hadn't even made it through the front door yet. I decided to just tell the lady "Sorry, I'm going to drive to Jersey City and look at dogs instead." And that's exactly what I did.\n\nMy next trip out there was after lunch in Little Ferry. Me and my friend decided we were closeby and to give it another try. This was after I had already been working at another shelter. We stopped in and there were about 50 people waiting on line for a free Rabies vaccination, so after signing in and taking a visitor pass, we checked out the dog kennel. My friend fell in love with a Peke in the front and I went on to browse Pit bulls.\n\nThe staff there were pretty open in telling us not only that they are a high-kill facility, but that they will euthanize an animal if it stays for longer than 30 days. To see that such a large facility does not have programs to train and place animals...What a waste of such a great facility! If my shelter had that space, we'd utilize it in the best way possible. \n\nUnfortunately they don't have many places to turn when they are overcrowded. Everybody knows that the Bergen County Humane Society in Lyndhurst is a pick and choose rescue inside a private pet store, not a humane society and probably has never handled a real "shelter" animal in their existence.


    Clean, large facility


    Staff uninterested

  • 7. clean facility and wonderful volunteers

    by: shadrack

    I saved my dog Roxanne from this facility and remember the volunteers being so helpful and knowledgeable. Volunteers there are still very proactive. Unfortunately, it is a big shelter with too many animals... nuff said.


    proactive volunteers


    none noted