Benton-franklin humane society

8620 w. gage blvd
Kennewick, WA 99336
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Pick this shelter

    by: samantharae123

    This shelter is one of the few in the tri-cities. This shelter really needs a makeover. There are some wonderful animals here. i voulenteer on the weekends. The animals here at the shelter all need good homes, and if you choose us, then we will be able to help more animals get better homes. please PLEASE pick this shelter


    amazing staff, amazing animals


    very cramped.

  • 2. Decent place

    by: trillianmours

    I have only been into the animal shelter breifly before I moved, but it felt really cramped which always lends an air of messiness. Nice staff however, and a very lovable 3 legged cat. =)


    Nice People


    Too small

  • 3. Great Place

    by: Reyawick

    Great place in the Tri-Cities to find pets in need. This shelter could really use a makeover. Everyone here is nice but the place could be better.


    Knowledgeable and helpful staff



  • 4. Tiny little shleter needs a big make over

    by: AnimalAngels

    I have been to the shelter many times. It's one of the only shelters in my area I can go into and feel a sense of happiness knowing this little tiny place is a "no kill" shelter. They have helped so many little souls find "fur"ever homes. The only thing is the kennels that house the little puppies are no more than 4 feet wide both ways and up to 5 or more puppies in a kennel at once, plus the kennels are cement block walls so the puppies have no view of what is outside their small living area. I would LOVE to see this tiny but so loving shelter have a makeover. Having this little place expanded will make more room for more animals so that we can maybe shut down the few kill shelters we do have, or in turn maybe if the Benton Franklin shelter was able to house more animals then the kill shelters will in turn have more room and there will be less or no euthanization at all. That makes my heart fill with joy just thinking of it. All shelters across America need this and more so in GA since they still use the gas as form of euthanasia. If Benton Franklin does not win thats OK because I know whoever does win will make a huge difference in the lives of our little Angel Friends. Hugs Lisa\r\


    Great animal care


    way too small