Beltrami humane society

1612 carr lake road se Po box 1903, bemidji, mn 56619
Bemidji, MN 56601
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User Reviews (13)

  • 1. No-Kill?????

    by: Lovesallanimals

    If you are a no-kill shelter, then you don't kill the animals because of aggressiveness, biting, etc., you train them and make them adoptable. No-Kill means you take care of all the animals and the only time an animal should be put down is because they are suffering and cannot be medically cured. I have a dog I adopted that was at a no-kill shelter, he was going to remain at the shelter for the rest of his life, I did convince them to allow me to adopt him, and I am working with him, and I can't even imagine him not being a part of my life. If they followed your lead, this dog would have been put down. We have to stop killing the victims in America, and if you do put them down for aggressiveness, unwanted behavior, etc., then please don't label yourself as "no-kill".




    lying about being a no-kill shelter

  • 2. love bhs

    by: jretz

    they are great and care about there animals


    they love there dogs and cats


    not enough workers

  • 3. Best Shelter in MN!

    by: Cagney12

    Hard working, friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to care for the pets and help future pet owners.


    knowledge of pets, clean environment, friendly and helpful staff


    short on funds

  • 4. great service

    by: KrisT

    great service! great facility! great staff!





  • 5. great staff

    by: lamoure

    My daughters girl scout troop did a trip to this shelter and she can't wait to go back. The staff was very informative and welcomed the girls. The dog walking is a special treat for the animals.




    need more dog space

  • 6. Glad to have a no kill shelter locally!

    by: RhythmBeadsUSA

    It has been many years since I worked at the Beltrami Humane Society ~ but once rescue is in your blood you can never look the other way. I have adopted several very loving animals and am so thankful to have a "no kill" shelter locally.


    Saving Lives to make the world a better place!


    always hard to get volunteers

  • 7. Great shelter

    by: 73pets

    We have adopted 6 dogs and 1 cat from this shelter in the past years. \r\n\r\nThe staff and director are very caring and willing to help. It is a difficult and I am sure heartbreaking task at times running a shelter, because of the sad situations they see. The they provide a great service to the community and to our homeless pets. They have our full support and gratitude.\r\n\r\nSusan H.


    Very nice Facility


    Needs more room!

  • 8. Hey Guys!

    by: Randapanda

    Hey I love this place! the best job in the world! so i was wondering why you guys never go on this? you should maore you know we want a shelter makeover it would be the best for us! Love you guys<3


    Awesome Place


    Some of the Staff sucks... lol

  • 9. Love this Shelter

    by: Treats

    I have been a volunteer for about six months. My daughter has been a volunteer for about 2 months. We really enjoy spending time there. We recently adopted a dog, and we love him to pieces.


    it is a no kill shelter with caring staff


    not big enough to serve the need in area

  • 10. Great Shelter!

    by: AngeliqueKoos

    I have been visiting this shelter for years with my children. The staff is always helpful and allows us to play with cats and walk the dogs. I have been to shelters that don't allow anyone to see the animals unless you are serious about adopting. I feel it is important to socialized the animals and this shelter does a great job! We recently adopted 2 kittens and are very happy with our babies!


    Friendly staff, lots of volunteers, clean


    Not big enough for the service area, need more room

  • by: dhuseby

    I have adopted 4 cats and one dog from this shelter. Everything is always in order and the Executive Director has brought the facility back to life.


    Very clean


    Can't think of any.

  • 12. Great No Kill Shelter

    by: edwin761

    A shelter saves so many lives. It is a great thing that can take in many unwanted beings and find them a happy, healthy home.


    Helps all it can


    Never enought room or money

  • 13. Confused about this "no-kill" in this situation

    by: lmpickford

    I think that some animals with bad behaviors can be worked with so that they can then be adoptable. Some of the reasons this shelter uses to euthanize animals I believe can be limited. I believe in giving the animal the benefit of the doubt and working with it.


    No kill shelter


    may be able to save more animals from being euthanized