Belmont county animal shelter

45244 national road west
Saint clairsville, OH 43950
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User Reviews (10)

  • 1. dont take any animals to BCARL

    by: ijklm32

    the staff is incredibly rude and has been for years. also, over the years that i have had to deal with them, the animals' poor living conditions have not improved. they have a high percentage (probably about half) of animals that are sickly. and none of the animals are clean because their environment is filthy. i understand that there is a certain amount of dirt that comes with running a shelter, but this is excessive. they also have dogs who "live" at the facility who are allowed to run about the parking lot. i think this is very irresponsible and a very bad example to set for people.


    low adoption fee, always a plethora of dogs and cats to choose from


    filthy, majority of staff is rude, always a plethora of dogs and cats to choose from

  • 2. about all i can say

    by: korilu002

    I fell in love with a dog I was able to meet at a local pet store, from this shelter. I filled out an application and waited to hear from them. I was called and unfortunatley missed it. I tried to call back numerous times for about 4 hours, untill I finally decided to go to the shelter. When I got there they found the paper work and had a few more questions for me. It turned out that the other lady that had applied for the same dog didnt want it, so I was next in line. Now I know why she turned it down. They are charging $200 for this dog because they claim he is a purebred!! I was shocked! There was no other reason given when I asked why it was so much.( their adoption fee starts at $100, which I feel is very reasonable) I would totally understand paying that much if the dog had to be treated for something, or had to have surgery or anything like that, but to charge someone $200 and the ONLY reason is because they say its a purebred is totally absurd. After I picked my chin up off the counter the lady tells me that $200 is quite a deal for a purebred dog!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Im sorry...did I walk in to a pet store...I didnt think they were "selling" these dogs, but I guess I was wrong. \r\n\r\nHow ridiculous can they be. I was not looking to get a purebred...i wasnt even looking for that certain breed, this dogs personality was really great and he liked cats. I cried all the way home, I was so excited to bring him home, but I just couldnt rationalize paying $200 for a dog on the sole basis of them claiming he was purebred. I dont think it would have even mattered if they could have handed me AKC or CKC papers...that is not the point. Shelters are not supposed to be SELLING dogs. Im sure that shelter puts a large number of dogs to sleep every week, and I really hope they arent killing the "purebreds" becuase no one is willing to BUY them!!\r\n\r\nThere are several other shelters in the area and even a few rescues...and none of them charge anywhere near that much. I am still looking to adopt a dog, but I will not support a shelter that SELLS dogs based on their breed.


    They have many volunteers it seems, the people are nice, and dogs are kept in live able conditions


    Your lucky if they answer the phone, charge more money for all the wrong reasons

  • 3. Do what they can

    by: acedogg2001

    This shelter does great work for animals with the little resources they have. The staff is not the most personable but who can blame them when they see what people do to animals since they are the counties rescue league also.


    This shelter does everything they can to save animals and get them a good home.


    The staff isn't the most personable

  • 4. A Very Nice and Caring Animal Shelter

    by: maxandtiger

    My review starts with the nice knowleadgeable staff. The shelter is too small buthas many nice animals. Also the shelter needs the makeover so they can build a bigger shelter site. The dog houses need to be redone, they need repaired. I love this shelter. This shelter is the only one near my residence. \r\n\r\nI hope our shelter gets the makeover.


    nice animals. nice staff. good vets nearby.


    small. too many cats. not enough space for cats. need younger cats.

  • 5. In need of a makeover

    by: jwh2000

    This shelter does all it can with the little they have. They are in an area where many dogs and cats are just left behind when the family moves or are dumped at the shelter when no longer wanted. They could really use a makeover.\r\n\r\n


    They were very helpfull with our out of State Adoption


    They are a small shelter that is overcrowded

  • 6. In desperate need of a makeover!

    by: revdeb

    The folks here truly love the animals in their care. They do the best they can with what they've got to work with. We got (in my unbiased opinion) the best dog in the world from this shelter. When we picked Sammy up everyone came out to give him hugs and kisses before he left. We really felt like we were adopting their baby....and now he's our big baby! Thanks for all the staff and volunteers do at the Belmont Co. Animal Shelter!!


    Run by loving, caring people who want the best for the animals


    too small for the need in the area, needs updating


    by: gunxbarrelxkiss

    Great people and this place really deserves a makeover. I have made donations in the past and they appreciated it so much. =]


    Friendly people



  • 8. Please Help!

    by: Cosmo2008

    They need everyone's help in trying to get a makeover this is a great place and they have lots of animals that need homes.


    Local Animal Shelter



  • 9. Chloe bear gets a happy home and thinks shes a dog

    by: chloebear

    We absolutely love our lil Chloe Bear that we adopted from the Belmont County Animal Shelter. They really do love animals and so badly need a makeover/new space. We have visited other shelters that the community supportd with tons of money, but this one needs not only support but the funds as well. They so deserve it !!! They do sooo much with so very little!!! I am so glad they had our little girl there and I hope and pray that her mommy and brother got adopted to a great home as well!Chloe thinks shes a dog and has run the roost at our home since she arrived as a kitten. Our 60 lb Samoyeds didn't have a chance with her. They love her sooo much!!!


    They do a lot with what little they have!!!


    Need more space for all of the animals they have to accommodate

  • 10. Belmont County Animal Shelter's Frustrations

    by: houndsmom

    The Belmont County Animal Shelter does wonders with the little it has to work with. It is located in a geographic region where many people don't view their pets as family members, so many animals suffer. It is located in the state of Ohio which has some of the worst laws when it comes to what is considered "acceptable" in terms of caring for pets. There is inadequate space and always a lack of funds. There are a few of us who raise money, which certainly helps, but is never enough. The shelter usually houses over 100 dogs at any given time, with adequate space for about 65. There are always more cats residing there too than the shelter has room for. The staff works all kinds of miracles to make room for and care for as many animals as they can. While they have been accused, at times, of being nasty to the public, they are always wonderful with the animals. And frankly, who can blame them? All day long, they deal with stupidiy, cruelty, and heartlessness. Sometimes it's hard to remember that there are actually good and kind people out there as well. So, if you happen to be someone who thinks s/he has been ill treated by a shelter staff member, please remember the toll it can take on someone who deals with the worst of people all the time.


    The staff geniunely cares about the animals


    Overcrowding, lack of space and funds