Bellemore Animal Hospital

2117 Johnson Road
Granite City, IL 62040

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Awesome Place!

    by: Whiskers12

    Bellemore Animal Hospital will not only check out your pet, but they do not go for the highest price "test" first. If there is something wrong, they will go with the simple/lowest price tests first. Usually they find it with those, or at least knock some of the unknown out and narrow it down to a few things. Then (if they have to or if need be) they will go for the higher priced tests. \r\n\r\nWith Cleanliness, there is always room for improvement, but isn't that everywhere? they cannot help it that dogs will "mark thier territory" on the floor. They clean it up right away (or the owner does), but they or you cannot help that. Even if you take your dog to go potty outside before coming in, they will still find enough to "mark the spot".\r\n\r\nFor Customer Service, like I said with Cleanliness, there is always room for improvement, but I dont know how much better they can get! Bellemore Animal Hospital has great customer service!\r\n\r\nAs for Knowledgeable Staff, they are great, but you can always learn something new! So, that is why I rated them as a 4 instead of a 5. I know for a fact that Granite City APA takes all of their animals there for medical check ups, rabies shots, etc. If they didn't know their stuff, Granite City APA would not trust their animals in Bellemore Animal Hospital's care! I would not trust my animals in their care! This is a great place to take your animal! They are wonderful. \r\n\r\nBefore starting, they will give your animal a treat. If your animal takes it or not is all on your animal, but after they are done, you pet will get another treat (or they attempt to give your animal another treat). They are very kind and patient with you and your animal. They can answer questions to the best of their knowledge. Trust me, I've thrown a lot at them when I found out my dog Harley has seziures and they were putting him on medicine. They are great! Go check them out!


    Great people and customer service


    There's always room for improvement, but it would be hard to improve anymore with this place! They are awesome!

  • 2. Great people, great service!

    by: trisreal

    The first instance we used this vet was to have our middle "child" Jack neutered, and they were so friendly that we are sold! We have taken all three of our cats to Bellemore. The doctor is so gentle and friendly with them (even as moody as cats can be - ESPECIALLY at the vet). \r\n\r\nThe most memorable experience I had was picking up our girl Lucy from having a urine test done. They kept her overnight because she wouldn't go potty for them (for which we were not charged - only for the test and the medicine), and when I went in the morning to pick her up, the assistant who came to the counter was obviously crying, as were the other staff members who brought her out and the doctor. I imagine that they either put down an old/sick animal or had one that was in an accident or something. I was still so touched that they still cared enough to cry. . . most of the doctors that see humans have seen it all and have such a thick skin that they can't really show any emotion. These people love their jobs, and love our animals.


    Friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere.


    None I can think of.