Behnke Memorial Dog Park

300 North Groesbeck Highway
Mount Clemens, MI 48043

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Be carefull and keep your eye on your animal

    by: ChochaKaren

    Personal experience at this park!!!! My dog then just a year old was mauled by 2 huskys or malmutes requiring stitches to close up her muzzle total office call for services $350. Owner of attacking dogs high tailed out of park before anyone could stop them and get infomation out of them as to their willingness to pay for my pups emergency care. This park is a wonderful addition to our community however we must rely on the honesty, integrity and animal savvy of all the other folks who take their pets there. Sadly most dog owners do not understand the 'animal nature' of their fidos and don't have a clue on how their instincts will be brought out especially in dog pack play. Enter at your own risk!!! Namaste


    great location, clean water in summer, fall ; picnic tables/benches; trees for shade;


    park takes no responsibility for those who use it and ignorant pet owners can cause great risk to other occupants

  • 2. This park is nice

    by: Beckala118

    This is a very nice dog park. The people that bring there pets are good about cleaning up after their pets too. I hope that people continue to keep up with this park so it will be available for a long time.


    Large area for exercise, FREE, friendly people


    yeah alot of dirt