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  • 1. Sometimes Our Humans Need Help

    by: DBG

    This review is for all canine care givers who get tugged and pulled every which way (sometimes off their feet) and sprain/strain their backs, arms, shoulders and necks. I learned from first-hand experience that the at the only way to treat my aches and pains from walking my high energy, sporting breeds was to be treated by a Chiropractor and keep everything aligned. After years of walking 120 lbs (60 lbs each) Irish Setters, and having my muscles sore from the pulling (until they were trained to heel or aged and slowed down) my back out of alignment, I finally wised-up and sought chiropractic help. Funny, I was better with one dog leash in each hand, but when I only walked one on my left side - I was off-balance and my right-side took a beating! I highly recommend Dr. Beck for setting you straight and upright!


    Professional, Understanding, Gentle