Beavercreek animal hospital

22008 south beavercreek road
Beavercreek, OR 97004
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Doctoritis disease

    by: MeezerMa

    Doctoritis- a disease that affects Doctors, symptoms include having a high opinion of themseleves.\n I was going to this vet because it was close to my home, and prices where competive. However the owner that is the main vet has been rude to me several times, the last straw was when I had an emergency. She rudely and bluntly told me "you know we don't take any appointments until 9:30. I said "fine , I'll go else where". She then saw my dog (I did call ahead, but no one checked messages), I was told it was part of his kidney disease, and given a 200.00 bill. The next day I had to take my dog to the emergancy room. Their vet said he had pulled a muscle and had nothing to do with his kidneys. Another 200.00 plus bill.when I confronted her about her mis-diagnosis. The next time I came in I was treated poorly by the staff.\n The vet tech likes to gossip in a negative way about paying customers.\n She hired another vet which I tried. She was condescending and arrogant. She was the doctor and I couldn't possibly know what was wrong with my dog.\n I have since heard other pet owners, and people in the pet business, comment that the vet was rude, and the place was unorganized.


    Vet is knowlegable


    Vet is rude

  • 2. AMAZING!!

    by: akincaidsweetie86

    Great vet.. great care.. Great prices! never go anyplace else! it's worth the drive!


    Friendly and welcoming