Beatie david g dvm

1001 beatie blvd
Hinesville, GA 31310

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Hometown Vet for Sure

    by: JodieLeigh

    I would not take my "babies" anywhere else. Dr. Beatie is such a wonderful vet who cares more about the animals then money, which is a rare thing these days. He understands how we feel about our four-legged family members and does not talk down to the owners or use words they have never heard. His staff is always helpful and have a true love for animals. When you visit his clinic don't be surprised by the dog behind the counter or the cats that roam freely about and pass through the exam rooms giving "cat scans" whenever a door opens. This is a place where those with or without fur can feel comfortable and safe, which always makes going to the doctor a whole lot easier. My girls actually enjoy a visit to the vet and get just as excited when I say, "Let's go see Dr. Beatie" as the do when I say, "Wanna go to PetSmart™?" If you are in Liberty County, Long County or stationed at Ft Stewart and need a knowledgeable veterinarian for your best friend(s), please don't hesitate to make an appointment here.


    Kind, gentle, loving, skillfull and reasonable


    I can not think of one!

  • 2. Compassionate Vet

    by: JacqJerry1

    Dr. Beatie has been our Vet for 25 years. He is a very compassionate vet and will take all the time needed to help and never rush you. He has gone so far as to give us his home number when our dog was sick and told me to call at any hour. I have called him on off days and he has met me at the clinic for pet care. He is truely a great person and cares for his patients. He has the ability to explain what the problem is so you can easily comprehend. I can not say enough about him and I will contineu to take my pets to him as long as he is in business.


    Always available



  • 3. A Trusted Friend to pets

    by: DorisWilloughby

    Dr.Beatie has always taken care of my familys' pets.His staff makes sure we remember when their shots and check ups are due. He treats the pets as though they are children, which they are to us.Keep up the good work and please stay people and pet friendly.See you next visit.


    always has the time/does whats best for the pet



  • 4. My favorite vet

    by: lwregan

    He is always very gentle with my animals and gives them the best care and his knowledge is always helpful. All of my animals are old except one and he helps with the decisions for what is best for their health, at their age and their survival. He was so kind to me and my "Buster" when I had to put him down. I have never had a bad outcome from any procedures he performed on my animals and my animals have had tumors, broken legs, heartworms, dislocated legs, bad teeth,spaying, neutering etc. I can call him anytime if I need him and he always takes the time to advise or see my animals. That means a great deal to me because my animals deserve it.


    He's always there when my animals need him


    Sometimes his staff is uncooperative