Beatie animal clinic

1101 beatie blvd
Hinesville, GA 31313

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Dr. Beatie is great with pets and their owners!

    by: Jules1GSU

    Dr. Beatie is one of my favorite vets, ever! I've been a cat owner for most of my life, and this vet is the easiest to talk to. Dr. Beatie has answered all of my questions, treated my cats very well (and they actually like him), and his staff offer to help me with carrying them in or out of the clinic each time we arrive. I love the fact that the employees are free to bring their animals in and let them roam around the building (within reason), as it definitely makes it a more pet-friendly place. There are different sized scales for different sized pets, which helps when you deal with a pet that should remain in a carrier or with one that can handle being out and put on a scale. Dr. Beatie has always been gentle with my cats. He makes suggestions when he sees something different about them (e.g., one cat had very dry skin and he suggested omega-3 oil). He is gentle when administering shots and when using the cool camera scope for various exams (e.g., looking in the ears). I will be sad when the Army moves us away from Dr. Beatie!


    This is the cat friendliest place I've visited



  • 2. My Dogs Like Dr. Beatie & so do I!

    by: Bandana

    I've been taking my dogs to Dr. Beatie for nearly 16 years. He has always given us the best of care and answers any questions I have. He's as good with the owners as he is with our pets. I miss his long-time admin, "Reese"(sp?), but am glad for her that she was able to retire. Since she left, however, the support staff seems to have a frequent turn-over rate. Most of the vet techs are pretty good; some could use a little coaching in human and pet relations. I will continue to use Dr. Beatie until I have reason not to.


    Good care & service, good location


    Staff turn-over is very frequent